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Theming and Gateways

Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

On Subcamps, we love to get into the spirit of ‘Our Changing World’ and are creating subcamps that will reflect that theme.  All our Subcamps are named after influential people in their area of expertise and your Subcamp will be laden with fun things related to that topic.

However to help us get to know each other and of course for you to share in the fun, we ask every group to bring a gateway for their individual pitch.  This can be as elaborate or as basic as you like.  Ideally it will have your unit name on it, but essentially it will be the entrance point to your pitch.  So think about your structure, choose a design that works with your Subcamp theme and get it ready to bring with you. We’re looking forward to seeing all your creative and fun approaches – amazingly no gateway is ever the same!


What do you need to do?

Build and bring a gateway for your pitch that has your unit/troop name on it