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Atlantic-wide Friendships

Sunday, July 31st, 2016

Making new friendships is one of the greatest features of any international camp and when those friendships span countries and seas it really is quite incredible. We caught up with ISCA ESU & Welsh Dragons ESU who have been communicating with the 4th Midland Group from Canada, they are both camped in Bolt’s Track and when we arrived they were in the middle of setting up camp.
Speaking to Caitlin and Ellie from Wales and Isabel and Ashley from Canada it was evident that they were all very excited to be here and able to meet Scouts from across the globe. They explained that the two groups were known to each other as a result of a friendship formed between their leaders a few years previously. The Welsh Leaders told the Canadian group all about EIJ2012 and from that point on they made plans to meet together at the next Essex International Jamboree.
The two Groups had only arrived a short while ago but there was already evidence of friendships being formed and all the Scouts were eager to find out about differences in how they live, especially the different foods they might eat. When asked about whether the distance between their countries would affect any friendships, they replied with a solid no, one adding “it would just be a normal friendship”.
From this it is evident that distance doesn’t matter so go out and make friends, find out about different groups from everywhere and anywhere and have an amazing time!