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Essex: “The birthplace of radio”

Saturday, July 30th, 2016

If you’re into your tech, then Marconi’s Mast is the subcamp for you. Italian engineer, Guglielmo Marconi is credited with the invention of the wireless radio. He chose Chelmsford as the place for the world’s first purpose built radio factory.

Ian Dobbin is heading up the Marconi’s Mast subcamp. He’s joined by team members from across the country. 

Explorer Scout Alex, 17, from Leigh-on-Sea is really looking forward to what promises to be an ‘amazing week’.With a model of Guglieilmo himself overlooking proceedings, participants will enjoy activities based on communications throughout the week. 

Tom, 34, is looking forward to the ‘Phone of Contention Challenge,’ which he describes as ‘innovative’. Aged just 15 months, Noah from Southend is the youngest member of the Marconi Mast Subcamp team. Wisely, he has brought his Mum and Dad along as well. This is mum Becky’s sixth EIJ. She’s ‘excited to welcome Noah to the Jamboree,’ and she hopes that he will attend ‘many more.’

Each troop in this subcamp will be given its own mini mast, but due to Ofcom regulations, it won’t be a very functional mast. It will look nice though.