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Mozart’s Bittersweet Symphony?

Saturday, July 30th, 2016

Mozart sounds boring. He was born in 1756 and composed music. Compared with the other EIJ subcamp figures and their achievements, Mozart seems to be the odd grape in the bunch. Out of Newton, Bolt and Tereshkova, you’d be right. He was born a century and a half before the concept of Scouting even existed. He kept himself to himself and was often described as lonely, choosing to teach the piano to his older sister indoors rather than make new friends outside. So why would EIJ make Mozart an inspirational figure?

Throughout his lifetime, Mozart composed over 600 pieces of music. He was famous for his symphony and to this day it is still well known and played. But that is not why EIJ decided to feature Mozart in with this year’s EIJ theme of Our Changing World. Mozart was inspired from a very young age to play and compose music from his family, who then recognised his talents and his ability to compose melodies. 

He composed his first piece of music at only four years old, a feat achieved by no other musician before him. But the most important thing: his parents nurtured and developed his talent, and through them he was able to become famous, become successful and do what he loved.  And this is what Scouting, Guiding and the Jamboree, in essence, is all about.

When you go to participate in meetings each week, have you thought about what your leaders are ‘scouting’ you and your group to achieve in life; with the same for Guides and Explorers? A lot has changed between now and Mozart’s era.

Mozart had no connection with Scouting. Mozart isn’t the most exciting person either. But he has a lot in common with the thousands of young people attending the EIJ a whole two hundred and sixty year later in 2016 –being inspired from a young age by inspiring people, to do amazing things in the future.