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Subcamp Challenges and awards – Are you brave enough??

Sunday, July 31st, 2016

We all know the Scouts and Guides on the best subcamp at EIJ 2016 love a bit of competition. We have the ultimate challenge for you, the Tereshkova’s Challenge… this is your opportunity to challenge the current holders of the challenge trophy. All you need to do is come with a challenge, it could be ‘who can jump the longest’ ‘who can get the silliest group photograph’ or ‘who can run the perimeter of the site quickest’, the choice is yours – challenges are vetted by the subcamp team. You can find the current holders on the noticeboard at Mission Control.
Over the course of the week, the subcamp team are handing out the mini cousins of Bob the mascot to units who have done something good, crazy or mad. The unit who has the most mini-aliens at the end of the week will take home the big Bob to display in their Scout Hut. (Unit leaders who would like to nominate a participant for an Alien please contact Mission Control)
May the best team win the trophies!