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The Home of Hard Work

Saturday, July 30th, 2016

The staff subcamp caters for all necessities; whether it’s the camping area for valuable rest, the bar and restaurant for ultimate refreshment, or the beauty bar and training courses to enhance body and mind. We aim to offer a package that appeals to everyone and rewards all the people putting in the hard work to make the Jamboree happen. 

Necker Retreat is the staff camping area. As Richard Branson’s private island paradise, Necker Island is the ultimate in luxury and exclusivity. ‘Necker’ also fits in nicely as a well-known term used by scouts around the world.

The Staff Hub is ‘The Horizon’. Horizon Holidays was the first company to introduce package holidays, so was an innovator of its time. As you can see our theme revolves heavily around the idea of holidays, but the idea is to give Staff their own Jamboree experience, a place to come and relax, and have their own time to enjoy themselves.

With a Scouting and Guiding background and experience of working at the last 3 Essex Jamborees, Kate French is more than qualified to lead the Staff subcamp team. As well as her epic organisational skills (which comes hand in hand with a love of stationery), she brings her enthusiastic and fun personality to the role. Kate is looking forward to meeting lots of new faces and delivering a great experience for the Jamboree staff. 

Every superhero needs a sidekick, and Kate is no different! Her deputy is Jody Etherington. With about 80 people dedicated to running the Staff Subcamp, each area or team has a manager who reports to Kate. 
These are:
Karl Levene – Staff Campsite Manager
Clair Willis – Staff Media Manager
Lesley Jenkins – Tourist Information
Chris Taylor – Staff Catering Manager 
Elaine Boarer – Beauty Area Manager 
Tim Webb – Bar Manager 
Sue Carpenter and Richard Hudson – Staff Training Managers 

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