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Wet, Wild and Ab-Zorbing!

Sunday, July 31st, 2016

Tucked away behind Nightingale’s Ward is the mad world of the Wet and Wild. And Water-World it is! (Congratulations if you survived that pun…) Wet and Wild has everything to offer from Canoeing to Zorbing and even dinghy capsizing!
This Jamboree is all about the future, and I am pleased to see that valuable life skills such as duck rescuing and zorbing are being taken into account. I predict that if sea levels continue to rise zorbing especially will become a useful life skill! Much more fun than driving!
Bolt’s Track seemed to have great fun with the water activities, so much that a number of you left some things behind! If you think you might have lost something head to your wonderful help desk team, it might have been handed in. If you haven’t had a go at Wet and Wild yet, then I am sure you are now quaking with excitement. Don’t forget your towel, or something ab-zorb-ant!

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