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All the Fun of the Fair

Monday, August 1st, 2016

There is nothing like a Penny Fair to build excitement and provide a wonderful opportunity to meet and mix with many new people. As I approached the event held by Westwood’s Wardrobe and Nightingale’s Ward, the hum of happy chatter seemed to grow louder and became interspersed with cheers and groans as successes and losses at the games occurred.
7th New Malden Guides from Nightingale’s Ward introduced the event to me and explained that each group had brought their own game to play and charged a small amount per turn, the money of which will be spread across the charities who have supported the Jamboree including the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution). They all seemed very excited to take part in this and couldn’t wait to meet international participants.
As the evening progressed, all the games drew large crowds especially around the Peggy Face Challenge. Louis from Harlow Scout Group of Nightingale’s Ward showed onlookers how it was done by attaching forty clothes pegs to his face! He did confide later that “it feels pretty painful!” The stocks were also incredibly popular as friends soaked one another; speaking to Westwood’s Wardrobe’s Paul from Southchurch Scout Group, it was evident his fellow participants had drenched him but his smile was enormous and exclaimed it was “fun but wet!”
Participants helped run the games and from speaking to Ben, Sam and Oliver from Bicknacrey Priory Scout Group in Westwood’s Wardrobe it became clear that this was a fantastic experience. They enthused over the number of people they had talked to and appeared to love watching the reactions to their Human Fruit and Vegetable Machine.
All in all, it was very clear the evening was a real success and thoroughly enjoyed by all!
Becca Row