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Celebration Day

Friday, August 5th, 2016

The flood gates opened for participants yesterday as they got to roam the site freely, experiencing activities they had enjoyed earlier this week. It was a beautiful day which made Wet ‘n Wild and Up and Under even more popular than usual, and the atmosphere was buzzing.
In addition to the already existing activities there were a whole host of new surprise activities specifically for the Celebration Day. Participants excitedly ventured to the rebranded Enterprise Zone and the revamped Junior Jam Arena in order to take part in these special activities.
When we arrived in the Enterprise Zone, Edward from St. Albans District of O’Keefe’s Gallery looked at home with a large snake draped around his neck, describing it as “heavy and not shiny” he did say he could “feel it’s tongue against my neck.” Meanwhile, Lily and Claire from 6th Springfield, Mendes’ Rainforest were fascinated by a huge eagle, they loved how “powerful” it looked and how “it was something different from the rest of the activities.”
Charley and Cordelia from 1st Thundersley, O’Keefe’s Gallery enjoyed spending time with “really cute and friendly” baby goats, alpacas and the tiniest little ducklings who were born the previous evening. They loved being allowed to stroke them getting to see them up close.
We dragged ourselves away from the animals and headed over to the Wipeout Zone where overnight a range of different inflatable challenges had popped up. The activities were very popular but participants were happy to wait, and were constantly entertained by watching each other take part.
The Sweeper involved a large rotating arm which participants were challenged to jump over in order to stay in the game. Arabella from 7th Grays, Bolt’s Track, described it as “difficult as the arm would move fast” in order to knock participants off. She thought it was fun, but on her first time she got knocked off quickly and was planning on having another go to improve her skills.
Further along the field Katie from 2nd Malvern Group in Earhart’s Hangar had just finished the Gladiator Challenge. It looked like great fun with participants trying to knock each other off their podiums but she did confess that as her “balance is really bad” she struggled to stay upright. Despite this her smile was huge and she had obviously had an amazing time.
We entered the fun fair to roars of “Oggy, oggy oggy” originating from the Meteorite ride. We found Matthew, Genesis Explorers Tereshkova’s Mission sitting on the floor. He felt a little dizzy but described it as “amazing fun”, echoed by Jake from Pheonix Explorer Scout Unit, Mozart’s Symphony who described it as “exhilarating”.
Finn and Tom, 1st Lydiate, Earhart’s Hangar had just got off of the Ferris wheel when they spoke to us. They enthused over the ride and especially the views from the top, where they could “see across the whole site.”
It was safe to say that the day has been fantastic as summarised by Kiera from 4th King’s Lynn, Mozart’s Symphony who described the celebration day as “amazeballs, everyone has been so smiley and happy!” The bunting created throughout the week has been put up and really added to the party atmosphere. We only wish we could repeat the week all over again.

Becca Row and James Traynor