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Getting in the zone

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

Each day we’ll be giving you an insight into the teams responsible for planning and delivering the Jamboree. We sat down with some key staff roles and found out how they got involved, what they’re looking forward to and most importantly, what do they do?
A Day In The Life Of…..Zone Leaders
CAROL AND MELANIE – ‘On The Box’ Zone leaders
For CARAMEL they have to be ready when their zone opens at 9:30, when a rush of young people all get there early to get to their favourite part first. Carol loves seeing all the participants enjoying themselves and seeing the conclusion of 2 years planning coming together for the first time.
This is the first year that they both decided to be on the staff team and put themselves forward for the position nearly 2 and a half years ago. They wanted to run this zone at the Jamboree to show young people that their views can change the way that Scouting and GirlGuiding is run both in their groups and on an international scale.
Their best part about being a team leader is seeing all the participants getting involved in activities that they would never normally do, and seeing the look on their faces when they have achieved something that they never thought was possible.
AMY DOLLAGHAN – ‘Balancing Act’ Zone Leader
Amy comes from a Jamboree background of circus skills, having been a member of the Street Entertainments team at the last 2 EIJ. As Zone Leader for ‘Balancing Act’ she’s now responsible for activities such as Pole Joust, High Ropes, Parkour, Slacklining, Circus Skills and shows in the big top.
She took on the role about a year ago with the ambition to build on the success of Street Ents and provide opportunities for the participants to try new things. Amy finds that having experience of circus skills has helped her arrange the activities, as she needs to know what is being performed at the show to make sure it has the ‘wow factor’. It’s a long day as she needs to be in place at 8.30am and activities run into the evening, finishing at 10.30 or 11pm. She has to make sure everyone is happy and safe, and make sure queues are managed properly.
If you’re taking part in ‘Balancing Act’ you’ll probably hear the common phrase, “don’t fall off”! Don’t worry though, it should be a soft landing.