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L’armoire De Désaccord

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

Over at Westwood’s Wardrobe we have set a challenge for our participants. We’ve called it ‘l’armoire de désaccord’ which is French for wardrobe of contention. The idea, is to allow the participants to challenge each other and staff members on the sub camp to win the wardrobe and pass it round the site. The first person to take the challenge was a leader from 1st Calne, his challenge was “how many press ups can you do until you get tired”. He challenged one of our staff members called Evie who is only 9 years old. After 10 minutes they both gave up and we told them the scores. 1st Calne got 38 and Westwoods got 39! Westwood Wardrobes is currently the holder of the wardrobe, can anyone defeat us?

by Alex and Liz