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Let it Glow, Let it Glow or We Didn’t Start the Fire

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

Campfires are enchanting. There is no doubt about it, there is something truly other-worldly about sitting around a roaring fire, singing and swaying, clapping and chanting, shouting and screaming. It is a truly incredible atmosphere so there was no surprise that a few hundred people took advantage of a gap in the rain and descended on the far corner of the Junior Jam Arena to huddle around the toasty blaze.
I caught up with Mendes’ Rainforest’s Josh and Mili from 16th Edgeware Scouts who were some of the first people to arrive, they seemed very excited to be there and couldn’t wait to be sat around the “warm and cosy” fire with people from all walks of life. This was echoed by their friends who had gathered around; one of the best things about the campfire was the audience and the sense of belonging in a community despite never having met most other attendees before, the power of the Jamboree really was emphasised.
In true style the evening kicked off with a rousing rendition of Campfire’s Burning where the audience was split into four sections and sung in rounds; with the fire crackling in the background the audience was entranced. A whole host of crazy and energetic campfire leaders brought the songs to life as they leapt around and exaggerated every movement. Intermingled amongst old classics such as Oh You’ll Never Go to Heaven there were versions of songs never previously heard to many ears including The Grand Old Captain Kirk and a Star Wars inspired rendition of Boom Chicka Boom.
As the evening drew to a close with a beautiful chorus of Kum ba Yah, a calm atmosphere spread across the audience. Speaking to Terzi from 8th Salisbury Group in Marconi’s Mast he told me how much he enjoyed the gathering of people and getting to recount the epic tale of Fred the Crazy Moose, a wonderful repetition song.
Described by Nim and Dominic of the Technical Team for the Camp as “relaxing and magical” there is no reason not to agree; a crackling fire, a rousing audience and a wonderful mix of songs, there is nothing quite like it.