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Monday, August 1st, 2016

Today I visited the Jamart, filled with goodies to the rafters from laces to mugs to key-rings and phone-cases. Plus, a wall of sweets and drinks to boost the sugar levels to keep you going from dawn to dusk on all the activities!
I approached just as the shop had opened yet already many excited Junior Jam Brownies were discussing the merits of a new Essex International pencil or mug and ravenous post-breakfast Explorers are raiding the sweet shelves. Noticeably there are already a few empty shelves, their contents already snapped up by the keen bean shoppers of the last few days. I do panic slightly, as I had planned to buy a hoodie and in the Jamart they are nowhere to be found and the empty shelves seem somewhat foreboding; thankfully that’s when I’m directed around the corner to Concessions, which is found through an entrance to the rear of the huge marquee.
As I stepped over the threshold I was amazed at the range of colours that met my eyes, “we have 13 different colours of Essex International Jamboree clothing, all the subcamps, the adult’s Necker’s Retreat, the EIJ brand and the most popular Noa’s Club” In fact Gemma, one of the team members, let it on that Noa’s Club is so popular it’s pretty much sold out; “it’s because it’s tie-die!” she commented.
On a serious note stock is selling through fast, so get there sooner rather than later! But don’t worry Scout Shop are also offering a range of clothing too.
Also tucked away in the Concessions is a vast array of badges; the shop is run by Jerry and Robert, who are well versed having attended numerous Jamborees. They’re offering a selection of over 1000 different badges “Scouts and Guides come and look shocked, saying some of them are older than me!” They want to encourage young people to buy and few and then start swapping and are excited to offer a free ‘International Badger’s Club’ membership when you buy 6 badges for £6.
Jamart is open from 08:00 to 20:30 get there before it’s all gone!