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On The Box zone: As Seen on TV

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

-Ger Hennessy
On Tuesday, Participants from O’Keeffe’s Gallery tried the activities available at On The Box: a collection of games and crafts inspired by TV shows such as The Cube, I’m a Celebrity and Scrapheap Challenge.
If it’s been in the Radio Times, it’s likely you’ll find it here.
In the Great British Bake-Off tent, Participants can make a delicious treat called armpit fudge. “This fudge tasted really nice,” said Michael from 27th Bromley Scouts, “even though it has a really strange appearance.” Alastair from Tiptree Scouts agreed that it looked “kinda weird,” but that “it tastes kinda amazing.”
I spoke to Alastair as he was trying the Scrapheap Challenge, in which teams build a working push cart/kart out of a collection of raw materials. “It’s fun because you don’t really do much stuff like this at home,” he said,” it’s out of the ordinary.”
Mousetrap consisted of a number of small challenges in which teams of three or four directed a ball through small holes, then launched it with a water rocket, rolled it down some guttering and aimed it at a target connected to a mousetrap.
In Craft Attack, Livvy from 12th Hampstead Scouts made “a bag for one of our leaders,” for no particular reason. “It’s just because I want to,” she said. Sisters Sophie and Ella, from 1st Great Parndon Scouts made a dragonfly and wristbands from scooby chord. “It’s really fun, even though it was hard at the beginning,” said Sophie, “but then it got easier.” Abby, from the same group, told me that On The Box was “more enjoyable” than she thought it might be. “There’s no queues, and there’s lots to do. You make stuff and then eat it. Simples!”
I met Emily, Rhiannon and Isabel from 1st Writtle Guides when they had just completed the Crystal Maze. “I liked trying to lift the stick with just one finger,” Emily said “and when we were having trouble it was nice that others could help us.” “Everyone is very nice here,” added Rhiannon. In the Crystal Maze, Teams of four to seven members collect crystals for successfully attempting challenges involving team skis, stepping stones, and bouncing erasers. Crystals then are used to buy time in the Crystal Dome, where teams try to beat the camp record for grabbing red tokens.
In the Science tent there’s a lot to learn about physics, chemistry, and biology. There are miniature explosions every few minutes, triggered by the lucky Scout or Guide holding the coveted big red button. “I learned about cells, and how the body fights disease” said Jamie from 6th Rayleigh Scouts, “it’s brilliant because science is never this interesting in school.”
Three Scouts from the St. Albans District, really loved trying to beat The Cube. “It’s lots of fun,” said Zach. “We tried the whole thing twice,” said Adam, “because we came very close to finishing it the first time, so we decided that we had to try it again straight away!” “It’s good because it’s quite challenging,” added Gabriel.

As for the Bush Tucker Trial, Millie from Willesden described it as “disgusting, but in a good way!”