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Subcamp Teams final words

Friday, August 5th, 2016

-Ger H
As we come to the end of Essex International Jamboree, each of the amazing subcamp teams have gotten in touch with us and asked us to convey their final words of comfort, wisdom and inspiration.
Nightingale’s Ward: “Gertrude says: “Be safe, be clean. See you in 2020!”
Westwood’s Wardrobe: “Work, Work, Work it baby!”
Earhart’s Hangar: “Adventure is Worthwhile!”
Mendes’ Rainforest: “Keep in touch with friends, and remember to Stay Green”
O’Keefe’s Gallery: “Have a safe trip home. Now ‘Keeffeys’, remember to keep on painting memories.”
Mozart’s Hangar: “Always hit the right note.”
Bolt’s Track: It’s been emotional. See you in 2020!”
Tereshkova’s Mission: “Have a Safe journey home, Bob”
Newton’s Lab: “Never forget: one team, one dream!”
Marconi’s Mast: “… – – – …”
All that is left to say on behalf of the subcamp teams is that we hope you’ve had a fantastic week, and have a very safe journey home. Keep on painting memories!