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Technology in Motion Mozart’s Symphony

Monday, August 1st, 2016

Technology in Motion was in full swing as Mozart’s Symphony Subcamp descended on the zone to learn and explore.

The zone was fitted out with multiple activities combining transport and technology.

Charlie, David, Adam and Josh from 1st Welford Scouts visited the activity run by the British Radio Car Association. Before having a go on the RC cars, they were put into teams of four before learning about changing the wheels and the mechanics involved.

They were each blindfolded and were then asked to change the wheels themselves with their eyes closed, before driving the RC cars on a track. They said: “We’re having a lot of fun at this session, it’s really hands-on and exciting. It’s great to learn about the mechanics of the car and about the technology involved.”

On the other side of the zone were two bikes. The bikes, attached to a generator, powered a slot track with two racing cars.
Jamie Lewis, from 4th Wellingborough Scouts, said: “I’ve got my own slot car racing set at home, it’s exactly the same as this.” Jamie said: “If you go too fast on the bike, you’ll give it too much power and it will fall off and come off the track. It’s weird to think how much electricity goes in the car for it to work. At home, I don’t think about it as all you have to do is flick a switch, but now I know how much electricity it is really using.”

He said: “This session has taught me a lot about technology and about how much energy we use. It’s the best session I’ve been to so far during the Jamboree as it’s nice to find out how everything works and it’s very hands-on.”

Guides from 4th King’s Lynn said they had a fantastic time doing all the activities in the zone.

They said: “It’s really fun, we’re learning and we’re having fun, which is really the most important thing on Jamboree. We’ve done all of the activities in the zone today and we’ve really enjoyed ourselves.”