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Wet & Wild report for Earhart’s

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

The participants of Earhart’s Hangar subcamp had a fantastic time at the Wet n’ Wild zone! After two grey and rainy days, it was a relief to see the sun break through the clouds, helping the participants to dry after a morning of awesome water activities.
At 9am the enthusiastic participants popped up at the entrance of the Wet & Wild zone, excited to get stuck into the variety of activities the zone has to offer. These include BMX riding, canoeing and jumping off the 6-meter-high tower into a giant air cushion, landing safely. Some spectacular jumps were made by Earharts heroes!
The waterslide proved to be a lot of fun, with many of Earhart’s participants repeating the course over 10 times! Catherine from 4th Canvey Island Scouts was also desperately trying to get a rubber duck out of a pipe covered in small holes by pouring water in it.
Earhart’s subcamp had a brilliant morning at the Wet n’ Wild zone. Some great photos are on the website and social media channels, so take a look to see whether you were caught by the camera!
Bas van de Ven
Earhart’s Hangar