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Out with a Bang!

Saturday, August 6th, 2016

Wow! What an afternoon!

The ceremony truly started at 3pm when Living Rogues took to the main stage; the three of them satisfied our ears with their indie acoustic tones. As the sun began to fade we all joined West End All-stars for our favourite musical numbers, with their broad and varied repertoire and their amazing costumes, really did have something for everyone! There wasn’t a person in the crowd who wasn’t singing along!

As the sun set we were treated to the Soundclash of the year as the two DJs went head to head with their best musical munitions! The crowds hollered as the first few bars indicated their favourite was about to hit the decks, “TUUUUUNNNNNEEEEE” yelled Sarah, from Scotland, as she bounced around with the hundreds of others. The soundclash almost became a dance off as the crowd were throwing wild shapes all evening! Ger from Ireland laughed, “I think I might have just lost a dance off, but even now at the end of the week I feel like I’m still making friends!”

After the bopping and dancing a surprise carnival of all the Essex International Jamboree staff; from Bog Squad to Security, Communications to Welfare paraded through the Village. It was great to hear the woops and cheers, possibly some of the loudest all week in celebration of the efforts of all the hardworking volunteers that made EIJ the success it was!
Next Scouts and Guides stood amazed as the astounding aerialists tumbled and weaved through their rippling silks, James a Scout from 5th St Ives said, “I have seen things like this on telly before, but I never thought I’d see it live!” The Jamboree cast also performed top class routines with music that had us dancing along with them.

It was a poignant moment as we watched the flags fall. Although it symbolised the end of a fantastic week, we will all cherish the memories made and as you looked around the arena you could see new friends stood side-by-side. As the many colours of the international flags fluttered we were reminded of how Scouting and Guiding are wonderful examples of a worldwide community who strive to expand and continue friendships without borders; we leave EIJ as positive role models in our changing world!
Essex International Jamboree lit up the skyline, to our delight we watch as the night sky sparkled and fizzed. Sounds of “oooohs” and “ahhhhs” were heard across the Village Green, it was a stunning way to conclude not just the closing ceremony but also the week.

It’s farewell but not goodbye. Essex International Jamboree will return in 2020. Scouts and Guides we hope to see you again and Explorers and Senior Section have you considered joining our fantastic staff team? We can guarantee it will be just as big and as brilliant, we’ll see you there!

Lizzie and Alex

Picnic on The Green

Friday, August 5th, 2016

With most participants leaving the site in less than 24 hours, something special was required for the last day of activities, and in true EIJ fashion a camp-wide picnic was held in the village.

10,000 participants, leaders and staff gathered in front of the main stage, sandwiches in hand, to reflect on what has been an amazing week. Sebastian, Billy, Thomas and Rory from 11th Burton on O’Keeffe’s Gallery found the picnic “really fun.” They said that it “gives everyone a chance to meet other people, make new friends, and say goodbye to those you have met over the week.”
The atmosphere was one that will be remembered for years to come; the whole camp chatting, laughing and reminiscing, while fittingly listening to Jam FM. Participants and staff alike were singing and dancing along to the music with everyone joining in when Bohemian Rhapsody came on. Silence fell, when the music quietened and a reflection of the week was shown on the screen.

Rupert and Ben from 3rd Chalkwell Bay Scouts on Marconi’s Mast saw themselves on the screen and they said “it brought back memories we won’t forget. After looking at all the activities we were able to do, I’ve realised just how much I’d like to come back and do another one.” I’m sure the whole camp would agree that it was really nice to see everyone having fun and a good time which is what EIJ is all about.

The reflection of the week was followed by a message from each subcamp leader about what they offered to the participants in their subcamp. Each message was introduced by one lucky participant from the respective subcamp. In between the messages from subcamp leaders were special messages from Wayne Bulpitt, UK Chief Commissioner for The Scout Association, Chief Guide, Valerie Le Vaillant and Hannah Kentish, Scouts UK Youth Commissioner.
Camp Chief’s Paul and Karen took to the stage to say “thank you” to everyone, with a “Pause for tears and cheers” at the end.

Once the cheers had eventually died down and a poem of reflection had been read, a troop of Scouts from America took to the stage for the folding of the US flag.

There was complete silence as the Scouts described the symbolism of the folding of the flag. They explained how the flag was folded twice lengthways and eleven times triangularly to leave only the top left of the flag showing. Each Scout told the crowd the meaning behind each of the thirteen folds which symbolised things ranging from life to eternity. Eve and Grace from 2nd Ashbourne Guides on Newton’s Lab said that the folding was “really good to watch” as they had never seen it before. They also added that it was “very patriotic.” Once the flag was completed it resembled a hat which was symbolic for the soldiers who served under General George Washington. As the flag was carried off the stage, any roof over the camp would have been lifted with the applause that went with it.


Day 6 Roundup: Baking and Bunting

Friday, August 5th, 2016

EIJ2016 is all about connecting with others from around the world and what better way to do that than to share traditional goodies with fellow participants? Throughout the week participants have been sharing tastes of home. Tonight’s was hosted by Earhart’s Hangar and Mendes’ Rainforest. The stalls were offering everything from gingerbread men to paella, with inspiration from the Netherlands to Ireland. The first stall I visited was inspired by the UK and was piled high with scones and jars of homemade jam. Mel and Cara from Ireland praised the activity saying it “helps you learn about other cultures” and “helps bring all the people of the subcamp together, learning about our ever-changing world”

When 7,200 participant Scouts and Guides work together they can make a large impact. That’s what we are trying to do here at EIJ, with each participant decorating their own piece of bunting. These will then be used to decorate the entire Village and Village Green for today’s Celebration Day, making the area look more cheerful and colourful.

When I visited the Get Creative zone at Newton’s Lab I found Isabelle creating her design. Although all participants will be writing their name and group on their piece of bunting, some, like Isabelle have chosen to make theirs unique. She has adorned hers with stars and told me that it “represents that everyone is a star, and special in their own way”. Ella from 16th Harrogate, Marconi’s Mast has written “celebrate” on hers because “everyone should be celebrating the Jamboree”. She also drew a thumbs up on her bunting flag “because everyone should try to be happy on camp.” Keep an eye out for your very own piece of bunting fluttering in the wind on the Village Green.

Untitled Untitled2


Celebration Day

Friday, August 5th, 2016

The flood gates opened for participants yesterday as they got to roam the site freely, experiencing activities they had enjoyed earlier this week. It was a beautiful day which made Wet ‘n Wild and Up and Under even more popular than usual, and the atmosphere was buzzing.
In addition to the already existing activities there were a whole host of new surprise activities specifically for the Celebration Day. Participants excitedly ventured to the rebranded Enterprise Zone and the revamped Junior Jam Arena in order to take part in these special activities.
When we arrived in the Enterprise Zone, Edward from St. Albans District of O’Keefe’s Gallery looked at home with a large snake draped around his neck, describing it as “heavy and not shiny” he did say he could “feel it’s tongue against my neck.” Meanwhile, Lily and Claire from 6th Springfield, Mendes’ Rainforest were fascinated by a huge eagle, they loved how “powerful” it looked and how “it was something different from the rest of the activities.”
Charley and Cordelia from 1st Thundersley, O’Keefe’s Gallery enjoyed spending time with “really cute and friendly” baby goats, alpacas and the tiniest little ducklings who were born the previous evening. They loved being allowed to stroke them getting to see them up close.
We dragged ourselves away from the animals and headed over to the Wipeout Zone where overnight a range of different inflatable challenges had popped up. The activities were very popular but participants were happy to wait, and were constantly entertained by watching each other take part.
The Sweeper involved a large rotating arm which participants were challenged to jump over in order to stay in the game. Arabella from 7th Grays, Bolt’s Track, described it as “difficult as the arm would move fast” in order to knock participants off. She thought it was fun, but on her first time she got knocked off quickly and was planning on having another go to improve her skills.
Further along the field Katie from 2nd Malvern Group in Earhart’s Hangar had just finished the Gladiator Challenge. It looked like great fun with participants trying to knock each other off their podiums but she did confess that as her “balance is really bad” she struggled to stay upright. Despite this her smile was huge and she had obviously had an amazing time.
We entered the fun fair to roars of “Oggy, oggy oggy” originating from the Meteorite ride. We found Matthew, Genesis Explorers Tereshkova’s Mission sitting on the floor. He felt a little dizzy but described it as “amazing fun”, echoed by Jake from Pheonix Explorer Scout Unit, Mozart’s Symphony who described it as “exhilarating”.
Finn and Tom, 1st Lydiate, Earhart’s Hangar had just got off of the Ferris wheel when they spoke to us. They enthused over the ride and especially the views from the top, where they could “see across the whole site.”
It was safe to say that the day has been fantastic as summarised by Kiera from 4th King’s Lynn, Mozart’s Symphony who described the celebration day as “amazeballs, everyone has been so smiley and happy!” The bunting created throughout the week has been put up and really added to the party atmosphere. We only wish we could repeat the week all over again.

Becca Row and James Traynor

Painting Memories

Friday, August 5th, 2016

Well this is it, what a week it’s been! I hope you’ve all had a great week and made loads of new friends. Now the news you’ve all been waiting for… Sub camp awards! First the ‘Best Gateway’, this was a hugely contested competition so instead of choosing just one winner we have 3! So congratulations to St Albans District for your pioneered turnstile, East Lancashire for your castle and 1st Thundersley for your hand painted Trefoil. Our other awards are the ‘Most Friendly and Considerate Scout’ to Louis from 4th Thorpe Bay for letting some of our smelly sub camp staff jump ahead in the shower queue. And last, but most certainly not least, the ‘courage and caring spirit’ award to 12th Hampstead leadership team, it may not have been the easiest of weeks but you guys showed what a great team you guys are.

All that’s left for me to say on behalf of all the Gallery team is hope you guys all have a safe trip home and that you’ve all had an awesome week, I know we have! Now ‘Keeffeys’ go out there and paint some memories 🙂

Nightingales’s Ward winners

Friday, August 5th, 2016

Nightingales’s Ward held several competitions during the week and the winners were;

Gateway – 4th Morpeth (picture 2)
Morning Drill attendance – Kilkenny Kells
Best ‘C.A.T. (cake tax for phone charging) – Nutty Badgers (picture 3)
Penny fair – Worcester Explorers for ‘peg face’
Best site theming – 1st Wootton Guides (picture 4)
Best medical trip – 34th Kingsthorpe
Ward spirit – GG East Lothian

Well done to everyone it’s been a pleasure to have you on the Ward, Steve, Charlotte and the team

We also celebrated the birthdays on our site for today (picture 1)

‘Thank You’ From Newton’s Lab

Friday, August 5th, 2016

A week has passed in Newton’s Lab and at EIJ 2016, and we hope that you’ve all had a fantastic, memorable week. We’ve had some great participants and groups on our Subcamp and we’ll genuinely miss you all when you leave the Jamboree. Over the last week you’ve taken part in hundreds of activities, overcome personal challenges, made new friends and proved, once and for all, that Newton’s Lab is the best Subcamp ever.

Whilst we may not have had many nationalities on our Subcamp, we still made lots of friends from across the UK and Ireland. We have had some great sports both from Subcamp and from jamboree management who have taken part in our stocks, as well as some very competitive groups who partook in our volleyball and bone of contention challenges.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to all the participants and leaders on Newton’s Lab who have made the team’s week very enjoyable. We look forward to seeing you all in 2020.

Kris Reynolds and Amy Garrad

Fact Sheet

Friday, August 5th, 2016

1. There are 324 different camping groups.
2. The most popular drink at the Soft Rock Café is the Oreo Milkshake.
3. Around 2200 milkshakes are sold per day at the Soft Rock Café with around 300 smoothies also being consumed.
4. Essex International Jamboree 2016 has a budget of £1.3 million.
5. The size of the site is a mile long and half a mile wide.
6. Over 50 litres of hand gel have been used throughout the week.
7. There are at least 4000 metres of crowd barrier.
8. Over 100 tonnes of sand are in the sandpit.
9. There are 299 radios in operation on site.
10. Over 204,160 gallon of water have been used on site.
11. On site there are 6 tractors, 10 golf buggies, 10 4x4s, 1 lorry and 1 fire engine.
12. 10 chiller containers keep all of our food cool.
13. 1900 pints of milk per day have passed through the Food Warehouse.
14. Cakes have been supplied for over 100 birthdays.
15. Over the course of the week 300,000 loaves, 2,500 pita breads, 12,000 rolls and 5,900 finger rolls have been bought.
16. 150kg of icing sugar were used in the Enterprise Centre along with 25kg of sprinkles and 19kg of butter, this all led to 20,000 sweets being made!

Essex International Jamboree 2016 was brought to you by…..

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

EIJ takes about 3.5 years to plan. After a well-deserved break, the Chief (or possibly Chiefs as seen in 2016) are appointed and start to work on the structure and team for the next event. By the time Jamboree arrives there are around 1500 staff signed up to deliver and support the week long camp. For many staff it actually becomes three weeks, as the tented city has to be built up and taken down around the event.

We had a chat with one of the Jamboree Chiefs for our final ‘Day in The Life of’ and to reflect on the success of the 2016 Jamboree:

KAREN PACKER – Jamboree Chief

2016 saw a slightly different format in the organising structure; Karen is one of two joint Chiefs, working with Paul Walker. They are passionate about the event being a joint partnership between Scouts and Guides and together represent both associations. They have 7 directors reporting in to them, each covering a different team.

Karen has a varied Essex Jamboree history; she worked on the Subcamp team in 1992, It’s A Knockout in 1996 and 2004, attended as a leader in 2000 and only visited for a day in 2008 (her daughter was 3 weeks old at the time!). In 2012 Karen and Paul were Deputy Chiefs and in January 2013 were asked to be the Chiefs for 2016.

Karen was well known and came recommended for the job of Deputy Jamboree Chief. The rest is history as with her enthusiasm and forward-thinking attitude towards the Jamboree, she progressed to the position of Chief. Karen maintains that the support from others is what gave her the confidence.

She has found that her previous Jamboree experience has helped along the way, and diplomacy and communication skills allow her to build up a successful team. By appointing the right people in the right roles, Karen and Paul know that all the details are under control. Although there is no typical day for a Jamboree Chief, you can guarantee that what you achieve is not generally what you set out to do! You have to be responsive to requests and be able to prioritise them.

For Karen, the best thing about the 2016 Jamboree (apart from her private driver, Dave!) is seeing the young people enjoying the final product. She is pleased to hear that everybody has reported a real “buzz” this year. The other highlight was taking part in the stunt bag jump at Wet ‘n Wild, which was completely unexpected!

Karen is truly living and breathing the non-stop excitement of the Jamboree. Her ethos this year has been “One team, one dream” and with Karen and Paul at the helm, along with the support of fantastic staff, Scouts and Guides from all over the world have enjoyed an amazing Essex International Jamboree.

Can you taste that?

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

On Monday Evening each group of the Marconi’s Mast and Newton’s Lab subcamps created what they believed to be their most appropriate cultural dish as part of the Tastes of the World evening activity. The food created ranged from banoffee pie to sweet corn pakora and was lovingly promoted to whoever happened to be walking past. On top of the usual bacon sarnies and sausage rolls there were some lesser known delicacies, such as the Canarian potatoes made by the 3rd Rise Park Guides. They explained that the dish originates on the Canary Islands, where salt water is much easier to find than fresh water, so it is used for boiling potatoes. This leaves the potatoes with a salty flavour so they are delicious when served with a pepper sauce, also provided by the guides. Obviously we haven’t go that much seawater on tap here at EIJ so a couple of tablespoons of salt and some regular tap water had to stand in. Another favourite stall was the 5th Chiselhurst’s camp-made gingerbread and lemonade, featuring an assortment of gingerbread products from people to union flags. Our most recent evening activity was the penny fair held only last night! What a spectacle!

A Day to Celebrate

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

Phew what a day to be a ’Keeffie’! The day kicked off with Charlotte from Scottish INTOPS being invested as an adult guider after she raised the Guide flag, also Happy 18th to you!!! Keeping up with the celebrations we had Rhiannon, Isobel and Sophie from 1st Writtle Guides awarded their BP awards whilst Mollie and Katie from Danbury Rangers received their Chief Guides awards, getting them from the Chief Guide herself! But not wanting to let the girls have all the success today Jacob from Burton on Trent Explorers got invested into Explorers at the Galleries stage. Well done everyone who received an award today and hope all of you are looking forward to your last day of camp 🙂

Tastes of the World

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

On Tuesday night Nightingales’s Ward were treated to a spectacular spread of food in ‘Tastes of the World’. Groups prepared foods local to their home town or if they wanted to, chose another country and prepared a dish from there instead.

4th Morpeth had ‘Singin Hinnys’, a type of bannock, griddle cake or scone, made in the north of England. 16th Harlow had bangers and mash and 3rd Slough had Devils on Horseback. A local recipe from Berkshire with Barkham cheese from Reading.

1st Swindon Village put on a full cream tea, with scones, cucumber sandwiches and a cup of tea. The scones were even made on camp today.

Shelley and Kirkburton Guides had several varieties of tea cake on offer. Yorkshire tea loaf and Yorkshire Parkin. Steve our subcamp leader approved. And I’ll be baking that when I get home as they had recipes printed out for people to take.

Troop 712 were very popular with their tortillas cooked with butter and cinnamon sugar which had a Mexican influence. As were 48th Fife with their haggis. Joanna and Chloe from 2nd Chalkwell Bay said “it’s not what I expected as I had heard what went in it!” But she was pleasantly surprised. They also had Tunnocks caramel biscuits, tea cakes and Iron Bru.

Worcester Explorers had Worcester sauce cheesy bites. The group from the village of Hallow have a local connection with the makers of Lea and Perrins. Mrs Lea was a benefactor of the village.

East Lancashire had a wide range of delicacies on offer from black pudding, cheeses, Parkin and corn beef hash.

2nd Chalkwell Bay had a local Essex delicacy on offer, cockles. Thomas from Worcester wasn’t sure but said “I could used to them”.

South Belfast had a big pot of Irish stew on offer. And Girl Guiding East Lothian also
had haggis with oatcakes, Edinburgh rock, fudge, and Iron Bru. And entertained everyone with their rendition of “I would walk 1000 miles”!

I wish I had passed on dessert tonight but still managed to try almost everything. Sorry I may be a local Essex girl but I passed on the cockles!

These Milkshakes Bring All The Scouts To The Yard

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

Easily identified by the large blue guitar outside the front door, the Soft Rock Café in The Village is probably one of the most popular places here at Essex International Jamboree with a quarter of all participants and staff visiting each day. The Soft Rock Café has been open all week long and has been selling gallons of milkshakes and smoothies to help keep us all going, especially here in the greenhouse that is the Operations Hub.
Each day the Soft Rock Café has been selling around 2200 milkshakes, requiring the combined milk production of over 45 cows. New for EIJ 2016 is their line of refreshing fruit smoothies which have also proved to be very popular – especially on the warmer days of the jamboree.
The most popular drink to be sold overall has been the Oreo milkshake with four large boxes of cookie crumbs being used up in three hour, however all the specials have proved exceptionally popular as well with most of these selling out by the end of the day. The special milkshake today is a return of the M&M milkshake, which proved to be very popular when it was introduced earlier in the week.
When asked about her favourite drink, Lucy, a member of Marconi’s mast from 1st Spalding scout group said that her favourite was “the Sunkiss, its really good!” which was made even better for costing only 50p. The popular favourite here at Gutenberg’s Gazette is the Galaxy special, however the Jaffa Cake special yesterday is also a strong contender.
The Soft Rock Café is also home to the 14-17 retreat, a comfortable place for older participants to get away from the rest of their unit. Inside they have air hockey tables, board games and comfy blankets to allow you to catch up with your friends without being annoyed by any younger participants.
Although your wallets may now be looking rather empty towards the end of a fantastic jamboree, everyone should take the time to pay a visit and try a milkshake or smoothie before the week ends, you’ll probably find something you’ll love!

Day 5 Roundup: Fires and Challenges

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

Campfires are enchanting. There is no doubt about it, there is something truly other-worldly about sitting around a roaring fire, singing and swaying, clapping and chanting, shouting and screaming. It is a truly incredible atmosphere so there was no surprise that a few hundred people took advantage of a gap in the rain and descended on the far corner of the Junior Jam Arena to huddle around the toasty blaze. A whole host of crazy and energetic campfire leaders brought the songs to life as they leapt around and exaggerated every movement. Intermingled amongst old classics such as ‘Oh You’ll Never Go to Heaven’ there were versions of songs never previously heard to many ears including ‘The Grand Old Captain Kirk’ and a Star Wars inspired rendition of ‘Boom Chicka Boom’. As the evening drew to a close with a beautiful chorus of ‘Kum ba Yah’, a calm atmosphere spread across the audience.

Over at Westwood’s Wardrobe they have set a challenge for our participants. They’ve called it ‘l’armoire de désaccord’ which is French for wardrobe of contention. The idea, is to allow the participants to challenge each other and staff members on the subcamp to win the wardrobe and pass it round the site. The first challenger chose “How many press ups can you do until you get tired?”. Challenger 38, Westwood’s Wardrobe 39. Westwood’s Wardrobe is currently the holder of the wardrobe, can anyone defeat them?

The usually tranquil Bolt’s Track subcamp turned into our very own action packed but Bijou Winter Olympic park. Wheelbarrow bobsleds, Paired skiing, Archery and lots of noise were the order of the day. Boltarians turned out in force to compete in these inspiring and well designed events. This impressive display caught the attention of the subcamp team, who then challenged our rivals and neighbours, Tereshkova’s mission! It was to be a tough challenge, Tereshkova sent over two brave champions, but the glorious and valiant leaders of the Bolt’s Track subcamp team executed this task brilliantly and won. The Bolt’s Track Winter Olympic challenge was a spectacular event and all agree that it was a real barrow of laughs and really good fun!

Over the course of the Jamboree week, there’s been a “Bone of Contention” competition running over at Newton’s Lab subcamp. Groups can challenge one another at whatever they like. The subcamp team set the ball rolling on Monday night with a cracker eating challenge against 1st Watton Guide Unit. The two teams of five were given one minute to see how many dry cream crackers they could consume. The subcamp staff did well, managing to finish 12 crackers within the time limit, but they by Kris Reynolds Newton’s Lab were pipped at the post by the ladies from 1st Watton who managed 15 crackers between them. As winners, they go onto the next round of the competition and will be choosing their own challenge to present to the next chosen challengers.


Wavin’ Flag

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

We have all seen the flags around the Village Green, they seamlessly appear and disappear every morning and evening whilst most of the camp is still sorting out breakfast or dinner. I went along to find out the logistics behind the occasion and what the participants who got to play a part in it had to say.
As I arrived the sun had just broken through the grey clouds and a wind whipped around the field; the participants who were involved in the morning’s ceremony were being briefed and groups of other Scouts and Guides were dotted around ready to watch. All of a sudden the participants were given the signal and each ran their flagpole ready to begin, the Village Green was cleared and silence descended. In the middle of the field four participants stood proud in their uniform around the most prominent flags, that of the Guides, the Scouts, Essex county and the Union Jack.
A whistle blew and the flags were raised simultaneously, fluttering in the wind almost as one, as they ascended up the poles. Across the field Scouts and Guides saluted, an action recognised on an international scale.
I caught up with Kate and Isabelle from 1st Eye Guides in Mozart’s Symphony; they had just raised the flag of Maldives and seemed quite moved by the occasion, describing it as “respectful”. They did confess to being really nervous about dropping it or somehow making it fall down but they manged wonderfully and raised the flag without incident.
All in all, it was a wonderful experience to watch so many flags being raised simultaneously. As each subcamp has led either a morning or evening ceremony and nominated representatives to raise or lower the flags, I hope you have all had a chance to attend or even take part.
Becca Row

Tastes of the World

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

EIJ2016 is all about connecting with others from around the world and what better way to do that than to share traditional edible goodies with fellow participants?
That’s exactly what was happening in Earhart’s Hangar when I went to visit last night. The stalls were selling everything from gingerbread men to paella, with inspiration from the Netherlands to Ireland. The first stall I visited was inspired by the UK and was piled high with scones and jars of homemade jam. Scouts from Earhart’s Hangar Lucy, Louisa, Evan and Luke really liked this evening activity because “you get to taste different foods from all around the world” and agreed that “the food from the Netherlands was really nice”.
The Dutch stall was run by Rose, Hanna, Amber, Paulien, Susannah and Melle. They were offering ‘Hutspot met Rookworst’ which is “traditional in the winter”. I have to agree with the others and say it was delicious!
I also visited the stall from Northern Ireland where Luke, Rory, Dan and Jason said that the bread they had on offer called ‘Veda’ was both traditional and “best toasted with cheese”. Of course, there were no toasters available in the middle of the subcamp but I still very much enjoyed a slice of the malt loaf.
Alice, a participant from 1st Doddinghurst Guides and camping in Earhart’s Hangar said she came to the activity because “I wanted to see what foods came from different places”, the non-alcoholic Sangria was her “absolute favourite”.
Mel and Cara from Ireland praised the activity saying it “helps you learn about other cultures” and “helps bring all the people of the subcamp together, learning about our ever-changing world”
Abbie McFarlane
Gutenberg’s Gazette

Group rises from the ashes

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

There is an old saying that when disaster strikes, you know who your friends are. This proved to be the case on 25th August 2015 when 1st Warley Scout Group’s hut and its contents were destroyed by a fire.

With no Scout hut, no equipment and an uncertain future, the Group which was established in 1909 was on its knees. However, one of the only things to be saved from the blaze was a 95-year-old group flag; this was the motivation they needed to turn the shock they suffered into a determination to ensure it wasn’t the end of the group.

Within a week Warley’s leaders formulated a plan to ensure the Groups’ survival during the lengthy process of rebuilding the hut. Not one meeting was cancelled because of the fire, with section meetings held at Thriftwood Scout campsite and other local Scout huts. Through the generosity of the local community, fundraising events, and support from other Scout and Guide groups, 1st Warley is slowly reequipping and taking advantage of the opportunity to build a new and improved headquarters, with extra meeting rooms and facilities. Like a phoenix from the flames, 1st Warley is rising from the ashes. The Group that not only refused to die, but is determined to come back stronger!

Commenting on the event last year, 1st Warley Scout leader Simon Timmins said: “The fire was devastating but, at the same time, there have been some huge positives. We have been the recipients of incredible generosity and support from Scout and Guide groups throughout the region. The 23 Scouts we have attending EIJ2016 are largely here because of the tents and equipment groups have donated and lent to us. We have also learnt that it’s not a hut and equipment which makes a Scout Group – it’s the people. Despite everything, we have continued to deliver a programme and run meetings for our 120+ young people. We have been forced out of our comfort zone, have gone back to basics and have learnt a lot along the way which has been hugely refreshing and rewarding. I’d like to thank everyone that has helped us. We are all very fortunate to be part of this incredible Scouting and Guiding family.”

1st Warley has 23 Scouts camping as part of Brentwood District on Mendes’ Rainforest subcamp, and 21 of the 34 Brentwood Explorer Scouts attending the Jamboree were also Scouts at Warley. We caught up with Alex, Ethan and Sam to see how it feels now that they are at EIJ, largely due to the generosity of others.

In the aftermath of such a tragic event, it is understandable that the Scouts are still shocked by what happened. In the fire they may have lost their meeting hall and equipment but potentially the most important thing which they have lost is the historical memories that their Scout hut held. Alex said “It was good that other [Scouts and Guides] reached out to help, but” he added “it is really sad that the memories are gone.” They explained how it took time to understand the true depth of what had happened but when they noticed how much had been lost “it was like losing a family member.” “Heart-breaking” was a suitable word to sum up the feeling of the Scouts. You could tell how much the hut meant to them and as they described the pictures of the people constructing the hut when it was first built, as well as the more recent pictures of their own camps and adventures.

When the other groups chipped in to help, Ethan said it felt “really good” because “it’s what Scouting is about, it’s one big, giant family.” There are two options that you can choose from when something like this happens; give up or keep going, and any Scout or Guide will know that. Although it is the harder option, the latter is best choice as it will bring everyone together in the process.

Bringing everyone together is certainly what happened. Rebuilding a group from the ground is an extremely difficult task and 1st Warley would never have been able to get this far without the help of other Scout and Guide groups across the county. Sam said that it was a “huge relief” when another group allowed them to use their hall. “We were wondering what we were going to do with our Scout hut gone.”

Now that they are here they feel “really good.” Alex described it as being like “climbing up the ladder again,” going from having nothing to really enjoying their time at EIJ. “It’s really amazing how far we’ve came from a big loss.” Of course, they wouldn’t have done it without the open-handedness of the Scouting and Guiding community.

To all the groups who helped them, they added “We would like to say a lot of thank you’s to every Scout group who supported us because they supported us through all the dark times and gave us strength. Everyone gave that little bit of hope and that hope changed our experiences into letting us go to the Jamboree and just been able to have the best and life changing experience.”

Swapping and connecting at Earhart’s

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

At Earhart’s the business goes on after the enterprise zone. Badges being swapped and connections being made by the Dutch St.George group.

Evening of Reflection

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

An evening of reflection for Scouts and Guides who are not at EIJ2016 – for whatever reason – is being held at the Enterprise Zone on Thursday at 20:00. Staff and participants are welcome to attend and if they’d like to find out more they can speak to Lydia in the Beliefs Tent.

Day 4 Roundup: Neon and Badges

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

To kick-start the EIJ themed nights, an evening of music and dance was in full swing at the Academy of Dance! The theme of the evening was ‘Neon Nights’, so the crowd shone in bright colours and glow-sticks. Before the evening I caught up with some of the volunteers in the Entertainments Technical Team. The 10 plus hours that were spent by the technicians did not go to waste as participants raved about evening with Lucy and her friends from Newton’s Lab describing the night as “awesome” while Lia and Rosie from Mozart’s Symphony said there were “good vibes”.

No Jamboree is complete without a badge to earn and EIJ 2016 is not one to break tradition. 2016 marks the Centennial Anniversary of Girlguiding’s Senior Section, which encompasses all members of Girlguiding aged between 14 and 25. To celebrate this achievement The Senior Section Spectacular Challenge was born and is achievable by all participants.

The Challenge requires participants to fill in a leaflet, available from The Senior Section Spectacular Area next to the Academy of Dance, and through a number of activities around the Jamboree. The sheet is split into 8 octants, each of which need to be completed to earn the badge. The octants can be filled by completing different types of activities, split into phases 1, 2 and 3. Phase one activities are short, 5-10 minute activities such as building sandcastles on the beach or swapping badges with someone new.

TSSchallenge badge Badge Map TS00016 17-2

The next generation get a mini adventure of their own

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

Where at EIJ2016 would you find plastic horses, real lizards, snakes and Brown Owls? Why, Junior Jam, of course. The excitement was palpable on EIJ Way yesterday morning as EIJ2016 was invaded by hundreds of Brownies, Rainbows, Cub and Beaver Scouts. On the first of two Junior Jam days on site, Essex’s younger Scout and Guide sections have been given a taste of the Jamboree atmosphere. The hope is that, based on the fun they’ve had this weekend, these same youth members will be full participants in EIJ2020 or EIJ2024.
As they queued up for registration, a few participants told me about their first impressions. “I like the pink tents,” said Bethany a Rainbow from 1st Tey Guides, “I’ve never seen so many tents!” Members of 1st Hatfield Peverel Cubs and Beavers thought the site was “massive.” Speaking through their mascot Billy the Beaver they were all here with one mission: “to have fun!” Caitlyn from 5th Pitsea Brownies was struck by the sheer scale of the event. “There’s lots of people here,” she told me, “this place is very noisy!” Eboni, from the same group, felt compelled to create the word “enjoyful” to describe the experience.
The first Junior Jam day began with Noa’s Pathway, a search for multi-coloured versions of Noa, the Jamboree mascot. The Pathway terminates at the Junior Jam Arena, where Participants took in their own Opening Ceremony at 10.30am, with Jessie hosting on a stage decked out in gold. (This is also the venue for EIJ Presents) Jessie got the crowd going yesterday by asking all to put their energy into their choice of face-shaking, fistbumping and chest beating actions. Camp Chiefs Paul & Karen also made an appearance. “Everybody here in the lovely Junior Jam scarf has made this day happen,” said Karen. These multi-coloured neckerchiefs are rare and highly prized, so keep an eye out for them.
The list of activities available to the Junior Jam Participants included mini-archery, a mini-roller coaster, hook a duck, a Worldwide Scouting and Guiding map game, bouldering and caving. Amongst the noisiest areas at the arena was the drum circle. Passersby could hear the names of various animals being shouted while percussive rhythms matched the syllables of the names of each. Drum teacher Steve Cooper led a drumming circle. As I entered the drumming tent, Sophia, a Brownie from was conducting the drummers by standing in front of cuddly toy versions of Eeyore the donkey, Olaf the snowman, Tigger the Tiger and Sven the Reindeer.
The drummers would play a different beat depending on which animal Sophia had chosen. Sophia really liked this activity and thought that the faces that Steve pulled were “really funny.” Snakes Alive brought snakes, snails, scorpions, tarantulas and lizards for anyone who wanted to touch and hold (most were very brave and took the chance too!) Essex County Fire & Rescue Service were giving tours of Fire Engines, sounding the sirens every now and then. They also brought a life sized plastic horse, which they used to demonstrate the harness used to rescue animals stuck in ditches. In the make-up tent participants were given fake wounds for their faces, knees and arms, so that they might scare their parents when they got home. In the radio shack, participants could drive control remote Monster trucks, partake in some ham radio conversations across the world and don the now infamous pegging hat cam. The hat cam, a hard hat with a camera on it, broadcasts to a large screen in the shack. Participants are given the hat and a peg with the words “You have been pegged live on hat cam!” written on it, and asked to find a victim to “peg”.
Onlookers can watch the pegger stalking a victim via the big screen. Coby, a Cub Scout from 6th Gosport (Rowner) “really enjoyed” going around attaching pegs to people live on cam. 1st Brightlingsea Brownies were asked for their Junior Jam highlights. Rosie was proud that she “climbed up all the way” to the top of the inflatables. Jessica told me that each member of the group “nearly got to the bell” on the rope ladder, “but it was fun bouncing,” when they each fell off. The staff were really happy with how everything went. Becky, who’s been working in Noa’s club, was helping out in Junior Jam. “It’s a really good idea,” she said, “everyone’s having a great time.” Alice, another member of staff, thinks it’s been “really great!” She’s just here for the long weekend. “There was a girl who didn’t want to climb to the top of the inflatable slide at first,” she tells me, ”but then she did it with her friends, and enjoyed it so much that she went up on her own the next time.” Junior Jam ends today with another bunch of excitable young Scouts and Guides arriving 9am-3pm tomorrow.

Day 3 Roundup: Sands of Essex

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

There are lots of fun things still happening at EIJ, today we had more sand delivered to the beach. Oh I do like to be
beside the sea side! Well, not quite. Budgets didn’t quite stretch to bringing a whole sea to EIJ 2016, but everyone’s favourite bit of the sea side is the beach, right? 3 lorry loads of sand was brought free of charge by Hanson Aggregates from Birch, Colchester just so we could have our very own sand pit on camp.
Whether it’s getting sand under your nails, in your hair, or up your nose, the beach in The Village has all this to offer. The catch? Most of the sand must be returned by the end of the Jamboree- so please don’t carry too much away between your toes!

Guides and Scouts from the 30 plus countries represented at EIJ2016 gathered in the Horizon on Sunday evening at the invitation of Darren Bretton, Head of International Support. The evening was organised as a thank you to those who had given up their time to work as staff, or who brought their Scouts and Guides from overseas, thereby putting the “International” into Essex International Jamboree.

YouShape Catch Up with Jay

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

What does Youth Shaped mean to you? Well, I caught up with Jay Thompson, Deputy UK Youth Commissioner to chat what Youth Shaped means to him.

I was invited down to where Jay is based with his Explorers and Scouts, they have travelled all the way from the Isle of Man. “I’ve got my leader hat on and it’s great to see the group come together and work as a team. For me living on a jamboree is one of the best experiences a young person can have.” he says smiling clearly remembering his own past experiences.

He kindly makes me a tea and sits me down in their group mess tent to have a natter. Jay clearly pedals what he pushes and his enthusiasm for youth involvement is clear, “we want to make sure we’re creating high quality experiences that benefit young people. Youth Shaped is great because one: it’s good for the individual, giving them an opportunity to lead and add input; and two: it’s good for Scouting! We know that if a district or county is youth shaped it is proven to be a stronger programme, whether that is for Beavers or Explorers.”

As we chat our conversation turns to EIJ, “I’ve seen lots of units where the young people are empowered to be leading their camp, working in partnership with their leaders. Over the week here as you can really start forming teams and proper friendships especially as you’re exposed to such a wide and diverse range of people. On a week long camp like EIJ you have the opportunity responsible for bigger things” such an opportunity, he points out, isn’t always available on a weekly meet or even a weekend camp.

YouShape 2016 was a fantastic event which engaged young people across the country to reflect on youth voice and their experiences at a local level, with its success Jay tells me that YouShape 2017 is going to be even bigger, “we’re aiming for 50,000 young people to get involved!” 2016 saw 20,000, Jay explains to make this happen they are extending YouShape week to YouShape month; this will mean that everyone has a chance to fit it into their county and district diaries and may even give some groups an opportunity to develop on ideas as the month progresses! “This time we are really focusing on the roles of patrol leaders and sixers, looking to develop and build brilliant peer leadership.”

Over the EIJ week Jay has run a few Youth Involvement workshops, open to all having District Commissioners to Explorers and Assistant County Commissioners to brand newly invested Scouts involved in the informal forum. Since his, Jagz and Hannah’s appointment lots of counties and districts have appointed their own Youth Commissioners, I asked Jay how you can get involved, “speak to the top of the chain, your County Commissioner or your District Commissioner, inspire them!” Jay stresses that Youth Involvement is something we have always done, “it’s nothing new we’ve been doing this for years, it’s about making what we do better quality not reinventing the wheel. There are always ways to improve!”

It is a great thought and for those of you attending EIJ 2016 it makes you think about what you could to do when you return in 2020!

Day Two Roundup: Let the Fun Begin!

Monday, August 1st, 2016

Yesterday marked the start of activities, with thousands of participants from all ten subcamps heading for their first full day of fun and adventure. The first ever Junior Jam began yesterday, the excitement was palpable on EIJ Way yesterday morning as EIJ2016 was invaded by hundreds of Brownies, Rainbows, Cub and Beaver Scouts. On the first of two Junior Jam days on site, Essex’s younger Scout and Guide sections have been given a taste of the Jamboree atmosphere. The hope is that, based on the fun they’ve had this weekend, these same youth members will be full participants in EIJ2020 or EIJ2024.

The Jamboree welcomed a very special guest: Wayne Bulpitt, the UK Chief Commissioner for the Scout Association. We felt very lucky to have him at the site to view as many activities as he could manage.

Upon arrival, Wayne was met by Sophie and Emily, volunteer Hosts who gave Wayne a personalised tour of all the activities on site. He was full of questions that were happily answered and was excited to see how EIJ had come together. After being introduced to some of the EIJ2016 team, Wayne headed over to Junior Jam where he got involved with the Cubs and Brownies planting cress seeds. At the Up and Under zone, Wayne joked with participants from 7th Corby about the state of their t-shirts being “not white anymore” after venturing through the muddy cave. At the Island Survival Zone, Wayne was challenged by his wife Julie to create a fire spark from a fire drill. With both succeeded in putting their scouting skills to good use. He was impressed by the strength of the hay-rope made by the young people, putting it to test in an impromptu tug of war.

All in all, the UK Chief Commissioner was “impressed by the scale of the event” with 10,000 participants on site and enjoyed taking part in a handful of activities EIJ2016 has to offer. Like many, his favourite part of the Jamboree was being able to catch up with so many friends as well as meeting lots of new people.

The Senior Section Spectacular Challenge

Monday, August 1st, 2016

TSSchallenge badgeBadge Map
This year Girlguiding celebrate 100 years of The Senior Section. The Senior Section incorporates all members of Girlguiding between the ages of 14 and 26. This includes Rangers, Young Leaders, Leaders in Training, Leaders, Commissioners and members of the Trefoil Guild.

This Challenge is to celebrate The Senior Section Spectacular by fully participating in Essex International Jamboree and completing a similar range of activities to that in The Senior Section Look Wider programme. Look Wider is based on eight different octants, under which participants have to complete three Phase 1, one Phase 2 and one Phase 3 activity. To achieve this Challenge Badge you have to complete the same number of activities. Phase 1 activities are usually 5-10 mins to fill in any spare time in your day, Phase 2 is completed by joining in Early Evening and Marketplace activities and Phase 3 by actively participating in your allocated Daytime Zones.

As with the Look Wider programme participants can choose which tasks they do to complete the challenge (see below for options), and also they can use anything else they do at the Jamboree if you as the leader thinks it matches. If you are unsure if it counts come find any of the Iceni Rangers at The Senior Section Spectacular Challenge Area. They can only use each activity in one section, even though some of them come under more than one octant. Participants will record what they have done on their leaflet (which can be got from The Senior Section Spectacular Area) in the grid like the one to the right. When it is full their have completed the Challenge. Badge are £1 each or 80p each if ordering more than 10. To purchase the challenge badges please fill in the order form at the end of the pack or come to The Senior Section Spectacular Area (we have a limited number onsite so if we run out we will post to you at no extra cost to arrive before your first meeting in September). The money from the badges will cover the costs of providing this challenge for you and any profit will go towards the Iceni Rangers participation in celebrating The Senior Section Spectacular or future trips to International camps.

We are happy to come and talk to your whole unit/troop about the challenge and catch up with them during the week to promote their participation in Essex International Jamboree. If you would like the adaption for Under 10s, Leaders or Staff please contact Iceni Rangers at The Senior Section Spectacular Challenge Area or email

Great Scott! It’s Back to the… Knockout

Monday, August 1st, 2016

It’s a Knockout – Ger Henessey
The Participants from Earhart’s Hangar took part in It’s a Knockout yesterday morning. Now a fixture of EIJ, It’s a Knockout is organised by Southend Gang Show ASU. Daniel Wanna, Team Lead for It’s a Knock Out, describes the zone as “Team games and team building for points, with bonus points for dancing and being stupid!”
This year the theme is ‘Back to the… Knockout’, with each activity being given a ‘Back to the Future’-related title. The zone consists of ten challenges in which each of the ten subcamps attempt to earn their team maximum points. At the end of the activity the winning team is announced.
Before the main activity, teams from Earhart’s Hangar were led into the centre of the zone and each Team Leader was presented holding their team’s flag. Team spirits were high as some teams had already developed a yell before the activity began.
Amongst the most popular games was ‘Doc’s Dirty Laundry’, in which participants would jump into a giant inflatable washing machine in search of a sock among the suds. They then ran through a freezing cold paddling pool and hung up the sock, while trying to make matching pairs. Reuben, a Scout from 1st Castle Hedingham really liked this game. “If you’re gonna get wet, you might as well go all the way!” he said. Adam from the same group said that it “looks fun” as he queued up to have his turn.
In ‘Race Against Time’, participants used a bungie-chord to create a chain, passing mugs of water from one person to another. Most of the water ended up on the participants rather than in the target bucket!
Milo, an Explorer from 2nd Malvern, really enjoyed ‘Futuredoku’ – a version of Sudoku using EIJ subcamp logos. It was “very fun when you get involved”, he said, the “whole camp is very fun actually!” He did think that the catapult was “very difficult.”
Olga, a 1st Silver End Scout, was looking forward to doing the ‘Delorean’s Garage’ game as it looked “lots of fun.”
Luke, Clodagh, and Darragh from 12th Wicklow Scouts spoke to me after trying ‘Black Hole’. “We held a pipe for about 5 minutes,” Darragh explained, “so that was interesting”. Other games included a water rocket ‘Launch Pad’, a run-around quiz and an obstacle course.
Make sure you’re ready for It’s A Knockout, because we’ll be publishing the scores for each subcamp here in Gutenberg’s Gazette.

Explorer fixes grand piano on Jamboree

Monday, August 1st, 2016

An Explorer from Mozart’s Symphony has fixed a grand piano while on Jamboree.

The piano, that sits outside the subcamp to add to a musical theme, is playable but two keys did not work.

Joe, from Livingstone Explorers and Thundersly Scouts, opened the piano and fixed the two keys by mending the small hammers inside the piano with tape.

Joe, 15, said he is practising for his Grade 6 piano exam and is doing music at school.

He added: “Not many people can tune or fix a piano.”

Get Lost in Newton’s Lab

Monday, August 1st, 2016

Do you think you have what it takes to face The Mouse Maze? Well here at Newton’s Lab, we have the opportunity for you to find out. The maze is being run by the youngest members of our subcamp team: Emily and Hannah. I caught up with them earlier to find out what the maze is all about. “We have three challenges for you to complete: compete in a time trial against your friends; try to solve our daily anagram or see if you can complete the maze in the dark.” Emily and Hannah told me, “Don’t worry about getting stuck as we are on hand to help you find your way out if you need us.” We look forward to seeing you soon!

Mozart visits EIJ

Monday, August 1st, 2016

Mozart himself was spotted at EIJ yesterday on the Mozart Symphony subcamp.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, aged 260, was seen refusing to help his hosts, Livingstone Explorers and 4th Thundersly Scout Group, put up their tents on arrival.

He has also refused to talk to anyone at the Jamboree so far and does not want to leave his seat.

Your jamboree week in numbers

Sunday, July 31st, 2016

We have got out our calculators and worked out some interesting facts about the Jamboree.
The Essex International Jamboree site consists of 120 acres of grassland, which is an area equivalent to 13,000 standard matchboxes, placed side by side.
The site itself is a mile long and half a mile wide. 105 hours of sunshine has been promised by the weather people.
2,000 volunteer staff members and 1,000 adults supporting their own troops are here to make EIJ a spectacular camp for participants.
The Jamboree budget exceeds £1.3M and will be the largest joint Scouting and Guiding event in Europe. With it’s EIJ 2016 population of around 10,000, Boyton Cross now features in the top 25 most populated settlements in Essex, just above Tiptree.
Participants are representing over 30 countries and 50 Scout and/or Guide National Organisations from across the globe.
There are eleven subcamps, with nearly 1,000 participants in each one. Once every tent is pitched, the Jamboree will consist off 87 marquees and 14,500 square metres of canvas.

Warning: Fruit and Vegetables found on site

Sunday, July 31st, 2016


Roll up, roll up, we have our very own market right here on camp! As the Jamboree continues fresh fruit and vegetables can become quite scarce as apples and carrots go mushy in the bottom of the cool box, making maintaining a balanced diet difficult to achieve. Fortunately here at Essex International Jamboree we have the Food Warehouse. The Food Warehouse is home to a wide selection of fruit and vegetables all grown on a local farm here in Essex. The produce is fresh, every day, and available to everyone on camp. The variety of fruit and vegetables available ranges from apples and oranges to cucumbers and lettuces. While you’re in there, don’t forget to pick up Camp Chief Paul’s favourite vegetable, broccoli.
The produce is all reasonably priced and the warehouse is open from 08:00 – 17:00 every day this week, located on the Village Green next to the Bank. There is also the opportunity to purchase essentials like milk, bread and butter there which you may have forgotten or ran out of, saving a trip off-site. Unfortunately they do not accept card but cash and cheque are acceptable forms of payment.
So come on EIJ, join all the people who have already eaten 2,500 oranges, 100Kg red onions, 900 cucumbers, 10,000 eggs, 3,000 broccoli and so much more, by visiting the Food Warehouse and stocking up on those healthy essentials.

Image codes 9880, 9881, 9882, 9883, 9884

Day One Roundup: Arrivals and Opening Ceremony

Sunday, July 31st, 2016

Yesterday the EIJ2016 site was alive with a rainbow of neckers as members of Scouting and Guiding powered on to find their site; jumping, skipping and smiling through the village to reach their subcamp.

EIJ is proudly an International Jamboree and today we set out to find those who have travelled the furthest to get here. Over land, sea and sky Scouts and Guides from all over the globe have headed to the Jamboree.

With 30 different nationalities on site, make sure you use the week to meet and chat to as many people as possible, share stories, share experiences and share laughs!

Last night saw the energetic opening of what will be a fantastic, adventure filled week. And what a show, it had us all up on our feet dancing!

With an audience of over 10,000 assembled around the huge stage, the scale of the Jamboree really did set in. It was great to see everyone getting straight in with the EIJ spirit, taking the opportunity to chat to new people and form new friendships. There were smiles all round! We were also given our official welcome by our hardworking Camp Chiefs, Paul Walker and Karen Packer.

The amazing performers showed off their incredible dance routines, from strutting their stuff for the Westwood’s Wardrobe routine to swirling their capes in the space themed section. They really bought the Jamboree to life.

The opening show really did give us all a flavour of what the week has in store, with toe tapping tunes, explosions of colour and a fantastic atmosphere, starting very much as we mean to go on!

Below shows the stage before and after the invasion of Scouts and Guides, what a crowd!


Discovering what’s in store this week made easy

Sunday, July 31st, 2016

Were you to have attended the Discovery Fair in the Village Green you would have encountered sample activities from many of the discovery zones that you will be exploring throughout your time here at Essex International Jamboree.
The Enterprise Zone provided a taste of entrepreneurship with samples of sweet treats that participants will be baking whilst battling it off to become the next apprentice. With each team having a set budget for ingredients and advertising, everyone involved should be able to get a feel of what being an entrepreneur is like.
A large wooden track cart was brought along by the Technology in Motion team, which teams of young people were pulling along as fast as they could in hopes of achieving the fastest time around the track. A group from 3rd Woodford Guides, Newton’s Lab told us “We got round the trek karts in twenty six second which was pretty speedy. We even beat the Scouts we were racing”. They also had a logic golf ball puzzle, where the participants could work out the best path to bring the golf ball down to the bottom of the track.
The climbing wall was also available for taster sessions. William from 4th Epping Scout Group, Newton’s Lab said “I was nervous. I did get to the top, though, and all the way down.” Visiting Island Survival you would have found a scale model of the boat that will be constructed throughout the week using pioneering poles and knots that they will teach you. A deck chair was also brought along as another example of what you might build while you’re visiting. Noa also made an appearance at the Discovery Fair, with Necker Noas being crafted with pipe cleaners for tying together your subcamp neckers.
Alongside friendship knots and wristbands crafted with the On the Box team, helped to bind together your newly founded friendships. For those with a sense of balance Circus Extravaganza brought along a unicycle for participants to try, whilst the staff were demonstrating their juggling skills that will be passed on to participants during the evenings.
The most excitement however came from Wet and Wild, where screams of excitement surrounded the stockade where members of staff were pelted with wet sponges, cooling them down at the same time. With such a range of activities present the Discovery Fair provided a perfect taste of what sort of activities you should expect to find throughout your week. Most importantly however, it was an example of three of most important aspects of the Jamboree: to try new things, to make new friends and to have fun.

International Help Needed!

Sunday, July 31st, 2016

EIJ participants come in all shapes and sizes and one of the younger participants needs some help with her homework! Georgina has been tasked, by her school, to take pictures with as many international people as possible over the Summer Holidays. To help her get as many photos as possible she would love any international participants to come and visit her. She can be found with her mum at 4th Canvey’s Site in Earhart’s Hangar all week.

i.Scout, i.Drive

Sunday, July 31st, 2016

Each day we’ll be giving you an insight into the teams responsible for planning and delivering the Jamboree. We sat down with some key staff roles and found out how they got involved, what they’re looking forward to and most importantly, what do they do?
A Day In The Life Of…..
DAVE DRYDEN – Chief Chauffeur
Last night at the Opening Ceremony you would have seen Karen and Paul (our Jamboree Chiefs) being driven onto the stage in a golf buggy. It’s not just for show, the joint Chiefs have lots of places to be all around the Jamboree site and time is precious, so Dave is the one responsible for making sure they get there on time (and in one piece).

Jokingly, at the last Jamboree in 2012 where Dave was on the Media team as a photographer, he told Karen that next time he would be her driver. She took him up on the offer and now he has the fun job of chauffeuring the golf buggy around the site. He gets to see the whole site, meet new people and learn from the best of the best by seeing the Chiefs in action.

Each day he is up at 7am and awaits his instructions. One of the perks of the job is the cups of tea all over the Jamboree! Having also been on site services in the past, Dave has experienced a variety of roles at Essex Jamboree but next time he’d like to come as a Subcamp leader. As you see him drive past, listen out for a “beep beep”!

Pop Up Fruit and Veg shop a first for Jamboree

Sunday, July 31st, 2016

To keep our participants healthy and a first for Jamboree a 'pop up' fruit and veg shop is open in the Food Warehouse. Serving all on site, locally sourced and fresh food is available.

Come along, meet our friendly serving team and see what you can buy


Your chance to win: Competitions at EIJ

Saturday, July 30th, 2016

At EIJ2016 we like to give you opportunities to enjoy when you leave us. Several of our sponsors are offering you chances to win amazing prizes.

NorJam2018 have a fantastic offer of a free participant place! You do have to be attending as part of a registered group. All you have to do is make a collage with any materials you have to hand of the NorJam logo or letters. Then you can either take it to Glenn in the Internet Café or submit a photo to

Venture Abroad are offering prizes to all participants and adults who drop by their stall in The Village. Entrance is easy, you only need to submit your personal details to be entered into the draw
for £100 of Go Outdoors vouchers.

Beaudesert are offering a variety of prizes for taking part in their challenges. Their prizes include tickets to their spooktacular, Ice Breaker and Pedal Kart Olympics events as well as £100 worth of camping vouchers.

To enter all these competitions head over to The Village to find out more.

Please see our website for all the terms and conditions.

Meet the Camp Chiefs

Saturday, July 30th, 2016

In between the non stop job of getting the Jamboree set up before arrivals, the Camp Chiefs, Paul Walker and Karen Packer found a few minutes in their busy schedule to have a chat with us.

How long have you been planning EIJ? Have you enjoyed the preparation process? 

Paul: Ultimately the teams came together in 2013, and they’ve gradually grown over time until even last week, where people were coming and getting stuck into their jobs. 

Karen: It’s been hard work and there’s been lots of ups and downs but we’re in it for the young people and ultimately, who else can build a village in a month and see it disappear the following week, and live in it for a week and enjoy it? It’s so unique and it’s something to be proud of. 

What should we expect from the week ahead? 

Karen: Well! Lots of fun and lots of adventurous activities for the young people. I think there’s over 100 different activities that they can do and there’s 30 different zones. 

Paul: The young people are going to be busy from dawn to dusk. They are going to have a fantastic time, they just need to get stuck in, try new things out and some of the things that are going to happen are going to be amazing. 

Is there any advice or suggestions you can offer our participants on how to make the most of the week? 

Paul: Smile! Get stuck in to what they’re doing. They should test themselves and challenge themselves and just make sure they have a go at everything. And remember to sleep! 

Karen: Lets go back to the basics of Scouting and Guiding which is be prepared! Be prepared for what’s coming up, ask questions, and enjoy. 

A Final word from our Camp Chiefs…
Paul: We can’t say a big enough thank you to everybody who has put thousands and thousands of hours into this, it’s just unbelievable.
Karen: And if you get a chance and see a member of staff, remember to say thank you!

Welcome to the Jamboree

Saturday, July 30th, 2016

With six action packed days ahead, here at the Gutenberg Gazette we thought we would offer you a brief sneak peak of what's in store. 

For a start you have 57 hours of activities each! That's 342,000 hours across the whole site, with 30 Programe zones to explore.

By day, there are 10 zones, where you can start your own business, go above and below ground and test your targeting skills. 
In the early evening you will team up with your neighbouring subcamp and explore five zones together, discovering food from around the world, and enjoying all the fun of the fair. 

As evening comes, you can explore the Jamboree for yourself. For two nights EIJ 2016 will host a campfire, live stage performances and the chance to make and do in our craft barn. There are also a variety of Anytime activities. 

Why not chill out with a milkshake in the Soft Rock cafe, visit the giant beach or head over to Daisy the diary room? Whatever you are in to, there is an activity for everyone!

Groups En-Route

Saturday, July 30th, 2016

It’s still early and we’re already having groups arrive!

However, there are some of you still on your way and you have been sending in some great pictures.

Arriving at EIJ

Sunday, July 24th, 2016

We can’t wait to welcome you all to the Jamboree site!

To make sure Arrivals Day goes as smoothly as possible, we have pulled together this guide to help you. Find out:

Find out everything you need to know about arriving at EIJ!

Clothing Update

Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

Please see below for an update from our clothing supplier:

“Due to an unprecedented amount of late orders coming in, we have had no choice but to close the EIJ Collection Site a few days early as we will not be able to fulfil anymore orders for collection on site after today. We will however be increasing our shop stock of hoodies, polo shirts and T-shirts @ EIJ. On site we will have the ability to personalise individual and small orders as well as process large plain or personalised orders that will be ready in 48 hours so all bases are covered. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and we look forward to seeing you @EIJ.”

Atlantic Hotel becomes official hotel partner of Essex International Jamboree

Sunday, July 10th, 2016

Essex International Jamboree 2016 is delighted to announce that the Atlantic Hotel, Chelmsford is the chosen hotel partner of the Jamboree. Only a fifteen minute car journey from the Jamboree site in Boyton Cross the hotel provides great local accommodation.

The Alantic Hotel based on New Street, Chelmsford in Essex is a new breed of hotel. It has evolved to incorporate the best of tradition and forward looking ideas to allow it to both look and feel modern yet comforting. The Atlantic Hotel, also part of the Best Western group, therefore provides excellent accommodation for those attending the Jamboree. To make an enquiry or booking please contact the team at the Atlantic Hotel on 01245 268168 or via

James Jackson, Corporate Partnerships Manager at Essex International Jamboree 2016 spoke about the partnership, “It’s great to be able to announce the Atlantic Hotel as the official hotel partner of the Jamboree. This is a first partnership of its kind for EIJ and it’s fantastic to be able to recommend great local accommodation for those attending the Jamboree. Thanks also to Lisa and Ricardo at the Atlantic Hotel for all their help and support.”

Lisa Graham, Atlantic Hotel Assistant Manager, commented “We’re delighted to be able to support such a fantastic, local event by providing first class accommodation. We’re only a short car journey from the Jamboree site so please do get in touch for any accommodation requirements. Enjoy the Jamboree!”

For more information about the Atlantic Hotel please visit

Should you be interested in partnering with the Essex International Jamboree 2016 yourself please contact James Jackson on

Light, cameras, action: Essex International Jamboree partners with Event, Sound and Light

Sunday, July 10th, 2016

Event, Sound and Light will provide staging, light and sound equipment for the Jamboree next July.

Event, Sound and Light (ESL), who provide professional event services have signed up for Essex International Jamboree. ESL sell, hire and install professional audio, light and video equipment and will help with setting up the infrastructure of the Jamboree.

Formed in 2003, ESL have been providing professional event services for the past ten years and they pride themselves on providing the highest quality service regardless of event or budget. Their industry experienced staff help to provide expert advice and installation at events ranging from amateur products to festivals and professional theatres.

James Jackson, Corporate Partnerships Manager at Essex International Jamboree 2016 spoke about the deal, “This is a fantastic partnership for all the Scouts, Guides and leaders participating in the Jamboree. Having supported the Jamboree for the past eight years we are delighted that ESL have agreed to come on board to make sure every participant has a fantastic Jamboree experience. Thanks to Nigel and the ESL team for all their help and support and we cannot wait to see the site take shape next year.”

Nigel Hills, Director at Event, Sound and Light, commented “We are delighted to partner with the 2016 Jamboree, and offer our event services experience and expertise. We are a local organisation based only a mile and a half from the Boyton Cross Jamboree site and we’re proud to be able to offer support to the Scouts and Guides. We can’t wait to play a major part in the Jamboree and making sure that all the performances on stage throughout the week are ones to remember. See you at the opening ceremony!”

For more information about Event, Sound and Light please visit

Should you be interested in partnering with the Essex International Jamboree 2016 yourself please contact James Jackson on

EIJ Presents: Be Part of the Show!

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

The biggest Scouting and Guiding event in the UK is rapidly approaching and the excitement is building. We would like to give you the chance to show off your talents and perform in front of an audience of 10,000. Think ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and ‘The X Factor’ – but bigger!

“How can I take part in this amazing experience?” we hear you shouting! Easy – just follow the easy steps below…

  1. Think of your act & rehearse it
  2. Get someone to record your act. Please keep all films to around 2 minutes. Please start your clip by introducing yourselves, telling us which Scout or Guide group you belong to and which sub camp you are part of.
  3. Upload it to YouTube. A ‘how to’ guide can be found by following this link
  4. Set it to Private settings – again, how to do this can be found here and shared with us at
  5. Fill in the form on the website at /audition. Make sure you have permission from all those in the video and your parent/carer, if you are under the age of 18.
  6. We will review all the audition tapes and contact you in plenty of time to get the final practices in.
  7. At the Jamboree you will compete at your subcamp heats between Sunday and Thursday.
  8. All successful subcamp winners will compete on the last day in the EIJ Presents final in front of an appreciative audience of up to 10,000!
  9. We look forward to hearing and seeing your talents soon.

Please make sure all auditions are uploaded by 5.00pm on Thursday 21st July.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing what talent we have coming to EIJ this year.

Audition now!

Belchamps Activity Centre will be promoting their site at EIJ2016!

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

belchamps logo

Belchamps Activity Centres will be joining the 6,000 participants at Essex International Jamboree this summer. Based in Hockley, Essex the Belchamps team will be at the Jamboree to discuss creating your next action packed Scout or Guide camp.

Boasting 20 camping sites, 5 residential buildings and over 50 bookable activities Belchamps can cater for your entire Scout or Guide camp needs. Belchamps can also provide fully catered and programmed packages, taking away all the stress of running a camp. With activities including high ropes, Jacobs ladder, fencing, climbing and water zorbing there is something for everyone!

The activity centre is run with high levels of quality and standards. If you’d like to visit Belchamps before making a booking or would be interested in booking Belchamps for your next outdoor adventure please contact Dave Dryden on 01702 562690.

James Jackson, Corporate Partnerships Manager at Essex International Jamboree said “Having Belchamps joining us at the Jamboree is fantastic, they offer a great campsite in Essex with lots of accommodation and activity options. Make sure you speak to Dave and his team during the Jamboree to find out more about the site and the action packed camps they can offer!”

Dave Dryden, Guest Services Manager, Belchamps Activity Centre said “We are thrilled to be able to attend and support one of the biggest events in the Scouting and Guiding Calendar. We are looking forward to meeting lots of you and hearing your Jamboree stories at the experience days, make sure you come and find us.”

For more information about Belchamps Activity Centres please visit

Should you be interested in partnering with the Essex International Jamboree 2016 yourself please contact James Jackson on

Our Changing World: The Jamboree Song

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

With just one month to go before the start of Essex International Jamboree (hurrah!) and the anticipation is certainly rising with the release of this years’ EIJ song ‘Our Changing World’.

The song is a catchy narration of the camp theme, exploring the development of our changing world from the caveman age to the beautiful city skyline of the present day. The world is changing at an incredible pace, and the song highlights the progression of the human race and the way that we as Scouts and Guides, can change the world together both now and during EIJ. The aim of the song is to create a sense of belonging, as it can run through everything, be used everywhere and sang by everyone outside and inside EIJ with its easy, accessible lyrics!

With its release before the event, Our Changing World is set to build an exciting platform for the Scouts and Guides as they prepare to join us in July, while providing a memorable homage for the event once Essex International Jamboree has come to an end. In many ways, with this energetic sing-along song the legacy of EIJ 2016 will live on, reminding those who attended about the adventurous journey of discovery they’ll have experienced.

Read more to see the full song, or download the lyrics!


National Volunteers’ Week 2016

Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

Volunteer's Week Logo

Today is the start of the national Volunteers’ Week, 1-12 June 2016. Camp Chiefs, Karen and Paul want to thank our amazing army of willing, enthusiastic volunteers who ensure the 8000 young people will have the most amazing Jamboree experience.

We still have a few staff positions available. If you would like to join us please click here for further details.

Scout Activity Centres to advertise volunteer opportunities at EIJ2016!

Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

466_AC Scout CMYK Outfin

Scout Activity Centres who have nine activity centres around the UK will be joining Scouts and Guides at Essex International Jamboree this summer. With 100 years experience of running activity centres for both large and small groups Scout Activity Centres will be at the Jamboree to talk about the volunteering opportunities available to young people at their sites.

One of the reasons Scout Activity Centres’ current visitors return again and again is the friendly and professional staff and volunteers on site. Scout Activity Centres are now looking for the next crop of passionate and dedicated volunteers to join their six teams across the UK. The Scout Association provides opportunities for young people to have fun, get outdoors and challenge themselves at their Scout Activity Centres and its all down to their wonderful volunteers. If you’re interested in joining, a member of Scouts or Guides and aged between 17-29 email or visit for more information and an application form.

All nine of their activity centres are in unique locations, yet run with the same high levels of quality and standards. All of the centres offer 20 activities on site or more both with indoor accommodation as well as outdoor camping. If you’d be interested in booking a centre for your next outdoor adventure, or you’d like to come and have a look round first, please visit our website ( for individual centre contact details.

James Jackson, Corporate Partnerships Manager at Essex International Jamboree said “The visit of Scout Activity Centres is a fantastic opportunity for Scouts and Guides to get involved in some fantastic volunteering opportunities at their local site. I would really encourage all Scouts and Guides attending the Jamboree to come and find the Scout Activity Centres team to learn more about these opportunities!”

Pip Crockett, Volunteer Programme Manager, The Scout Association said ‘We’re always looking for enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers to join us at Scout Activity Centres. So far in 2016, we’ve welcomed almost 100 Scouts and Guides from over 20 countries to our programme. Spending your summer or gap year volunteering with us is a great opportunity to make friends from around the world, learn new skills, and make a difference to those visiting our centres. Visit our stand to meet some of the current team and find out more – there may even be a backwoods snack or two on offer!’

For more information about Scout Activity Centres please visit

Should you be interested in partnering with the Essex International Jamboree 2016 yourself please contact James Jackson on

Are you ready to discover your Subcamp?

Saturday, May 28th, 2016

Subcamp Allocations


We are delighted to announce that Subcamp allocations are complete for all groups that have completed and submitted Phase 2 of their booking.
To discover your group’s Subcamp, please login into your account on our bookings website.

Your Subcamp will be in touch soon to welcome you.

For groups still to complete Phase 2, as soon as your booking is complete you will be allocated to a Subcamp which will be shown in the booking system.

If you need to get in touch with Registrations, please email quoting your Booking Reference.

Down to a Tee!

Friday, May 27th, 2016

A Jamboree truly isn’t a Jamboree until you’ve donned your camp t-shirt emblazoned with the EIJ logo proud for all to see. You were there, the Essex International Jamboree 2016.

Once again Jamart, EIJ’s very own retailers, will be opening their doors (and webpages) for you to get your fill of those Jamboree wardrobe essentials. This year there is a range of tees, onsies and other clothing options, for you to shout about the event as a whole or showcase your sub-camp allegiance. Helping you to be prepared these will be available for home delivery or pre-order using the onsite click & collect.

Together with clothing options abundant, Jamart will be offering an exciting range of souvenirs, everything from woggles and phonecases to shoelaces and special limited edition teddies. Speaking of cool new arrivals this year you will be able to purchase a campfire poncho and limited addition activity badges to adorn it. Plus for the sweet toothed among you the range will not miss out treats to satisfy, whether it is a chilled drink or cheeky packet of sweeties. All these items will be listed on the website before arrival (so you can calculate camp bank funds!) but only available for purchase on site.

To grab your goodies in advance visit the Jamart website and click on the EIJ logo. Just make sure you get there before they sell out!

A Special Message From Our Jamboree Chiefs!

Wednesday, April 20th, 2016

EIJ Countdown 100 days


With the countdown to the Jamboree coming into double figures, we are getting really excited about welcoming you all onto site on 30th July.

We’re sure you are all dusting off your tents, airing your sleeping bags and posing for your photos. Find out more about what we have planned for your week by logging onto the website at While you’re there read Noa’s story and check out what Peggy has been up to.

Don’t forget we need your final balances and phase 2 details to be completed by 30th April. This will enable us to allocate groups to subcamps by the end of May.

We have groups joining us from Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Egypt and Portugal. Why not use one of your meetings to learn how to say “hello” in different languages? We hope you have fun preparing your adventure with us and don’t forget to pack your smiles.

Yours in Scouting and Guiding,
Karen and Paul
Jamboree Chiefs

Subcamp Allocations Update

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

We know you are eager to find out which Subcamp will be your home for the Jamboree and this information will be available by the end of May.

We want you all to have the most International and diverse Subcamp experience. In order to ensure that every subcamp has a similar number of international groups, scouts, guides and genders and to ensure that those groups who are paired are located together, we need to wait until all balances and phase 2 information has been submitted.

You can help us by ensuring your group balance and all phase 2 information is completed and correct by April 30th.

Jamboree badge is presented to Girl Guides in Tokyo!

Thursday, April 14th, 2016

Meet two of our staff volunteers who returned from the 23rd World Scout Jamboree in Japan last year.

Charlotte and Amber both attended the World Scout Jamboree as members of the International Service Team. Charlotte was part of the Contingent Support team and Amber was in Guest Services.

After the Jamboree, the pair continued their travels. We’re delighted to share a photograph of the Essex International Jamboree Badge being presented to the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in Tokyo.

Charlotte and Amber thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the WAGGGs HQ in Tokyo. Amber added, “Visiting Japan and attending the WSJ was amazing. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience”.


Make Noa part of your Jamboree

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

noa (1)

Noa is the mascot for Essex International Jamboree. Noa represents the spirit of the Jamboree, which is the coming together of thousands of Scouts, Guides, their Leaders, and volunteer staff from across the UK If you haven’t already met Noa, then head over to the Meet Noa page

We want to encourage your group to get involved with Noa. We are pleased to release information and guidance on how you can use Noa as part of your group’s Jamboree badge, clothing or camp gate. Noa is an important part of the jamboree, so do look after our lovely mascot!

You can download the guidance here and the Noa artwork here

A Jamboree for All Ages! – Welcome to Junior Jam

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016


Essex International Jamboree – the largest ever joint Scout and Guide camp in the UK – has become even larger!  We are giving a Junior Jam opportunity for Cubs, Brownies, Beavers and Rainbows.

Junior Jam has been created especially for our younger sections, who are warmly invited to enjoy a full day of Jamboree experiences with their friends and leaders.  Just choose whether you would like to come along on either Sunday 31st July or Monday 1st August.

On arrival the young people will all be given a goodie bag which includes their limited edition Jamboree badge. They will then embark on ‘Noa’s Pathway’ – a journey that will give them a small taste of everything the jamboree site has to offer. Once they have navigated their way to Junior Jam they will be treated to a ‘Jamboree in a day’ showcasing many of the exciting activities that the older members will be doing during their time on site. These will include learning the Jamboree flash dance, challenging physical activities, drumming workshops, traditional Scouting & Guiding skills, opportunities to handle and learn about some amazing creatures, a huge range of arts and crafts, massive inflatables and much, much more. Ending the day with their our own closing ceremony, the young people are sure to go away desperate to come back and experience the whole week in 4 years time!

All this for the great price of £20 per child and £10 per leader.

More information and how to make a group booking, go to

Please note: Junior Jam is for groups (Cubs, Brownies, Beavers and Rainbows) with their leaders to do a structured day of activities, not the opportunity to go and meet up with groups that are at EIJ. No bookings for individuals will be taken. Your booking will only be secured on receipt of full payment and accompanied by your reference number which will be sent to you on receipt of initial booking form


Venture Abroad partners with EIJ2016!

Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

Scouts and Guides to get adventurous as Venture Abroad set to visit Essex International Jamboree 2016.


Venture Abroad will be joining us at Essex International Jamboree, giving Scouts, Guides and Leaders the chance to talk all things camping and travel.

Venture Abroad a family run business operating tailor made activity breaks for members of Girlguiding UK, The Scout Association and The Trefoil Guild will be visiting us at Essex International Jamboree.

With over 45 years of experience in creating quality, tailor-made activity holidays for Cub, Scout, Explorer Scout and Network groups, as well as other uniformed organisations, Venture Abroad know how to deliver a memorable trip for you and your young adventurers!

Their passionate and knowledgeable team have a wealth of experience in working together with group leaders to create their perfect worldwide activity holiday. So whether you’re looking for a short, close-to-home trip to our Scout centres in Switzerland, Belgium or the Netherlands, or a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Canada or Mexico, Venture Abroad have a range of destinations and exciting opportunities to suit your group’s aims and ambitions.

At Venture Abroad, they’re all about inspiring young people’s love of travel and they are never happier than when their groups return home elated by their experiences and beaming with pride. They look forward to delivering the same service to you and your group and meeting you at the Jamboree.

James Jackson, Corporate Partnerships Manager at Essex International Jamboree 2016 spoke about the partnership, “It’s fantastic to have Venture Abroad at the Jamboree, it gives Scout and Guide leaders the perfect opportunity to chat with the team to discuss their next adventure after Essex International Jamboree. Thanks once again to Ellen and her team for supporting the Jamboree.”

Charlotte Charles, Venture Abroad Manager commented “We are very excited to attend Essex International Jamboree 2016! It is a great opportunity for us to see the benefit to young people of being involved with Girlguiding and the Scout Association. If being part of the Jamboree experience has inspired you to take that next step by going on an international camp, then make sure you come and have a chat with us! We love to chat about all things travel and camping!”

For more information about Venture Abroad please click here to visit their website .

Should you be interested in partnering with the Essex International Jamboree 2016 yourself please contact James Jackson on

Please note that this is post is sponsored.

Kingswood partners with Essex International Jamboree!

Sunday, January 31st, 2016


Kingswood who provide young people with the opportunity to take part in unforgettable, life-changing trips around learning at their dedicated centers will be joining us at Essex International Jamboree, to promote their fantastic centres and the opportunities that they offer.

Kingswood gives groups the most rewarding and challenging experiences in outdoor activity and adventure. From flying down a giant zipwire to lighting fires with natural materials, every Kingswood experience nurtures skills that last a lifetime.

Over 160,000 visitors each year experience outdoor learning at Kingswood, and for every group they provide flexible programmes with specialist support from your first enquiry through to when you return. Each of their ten centres have been carefully selected to provide a safe environment in which they offer a wide range of adventurous activities and learning opportunities, both indoors and outdoors.

James Jackson, Corporate Partnerships Manager at Essex International Jamboree 2016 spoke about the partnership, “We’re really grateful for Kingswood’s support for the Jamboree next summer. It will be great to welcome them to the Jamboree site and give Scouts, Guides and Leaders the opportunity to hear about their fantastic trips.”

Hannah Bell, Uniform Business Development Manager at Kingswood commented We are delighted to be working with the 2016 Essex International Jamboree, we cannot wait to join in the fun on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and experience the Jamboree atmosphere with you all. Keep an eye out for us in the newspaper and handbook and listen out for a radio competition too!”

For more information about Inspiring Learning please visit

Should you be interested in partnering with the Essex International Jamboree 2016 yourself please contact James Jackson on

Bookings for Groups have now closed – but it’s not too late for staff!

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

Due to the huge demand for places at EIJ 2016 we are no longer taking new bookings for groups.

We are currently working through the backlog of groups who have already booked and it is very unlikely that we will be reopening for bookings.

However, whilst bookings for participants are now closed, adults and children over 16 can apply to be part of our staff team. We are particularly keen to recruit people to help run our exciting programme zones.

Please take a look at our staff pages if you’re interested!

Subcamps Announced

Saturday, January 2nd, 2016

We’re thrilled to reveal all of the subcamps that will be at Essex International Jamboree 2016!

In total there are 11 subcamps including 1 Staff subcamp which is called Necker’s Retreat. Noa’s Club is the crèche.

Take a look at the subcamps page to see the full list and for more information about the subcamp experience at Essex International Jamboree!


Wonderbag partners with Essex International Jamboree!

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

Essex International Jamboree is proud to officially announce its first corporate partner for the 2016 Jamboree.

Wonderbag, the organisation who is bringing about change across the world one bag, one family and one community at a time, are the first partner to sign up for next year’s exciting Jamboree. The Wonderbag is a simple but revolutionary non-electric, portable slow cooker. It continues to cook food, which has been brought to a boil by conventional methods for up to 8 hours without the additional use of fuel.

Having been invented in 2008 by founder Sarah Collins, the Wonderbag has changed lives around the globe by offering a safe, convenient and cheap method of cooking. Sarah has travelled across countries and continents sharing the Wonderbag story and she has sold or donated more than 700,000 Wonderbags throughout Africa, Europe, the Middle East and North America. Sarah’s new goal is to sell one million Wonderbags worldwide and Essex Jamboree is hoping to help spread the Wonderbag message.

Essex International Jamboree and Wonderbag are delighted to be able to offer groups attending the Jamboree the chance to get their hands on their own Wonderbag for free. Only a limited number of Wonderbags are available so make sure that your group is first to sign up and pay your deposit come the 7th September.

The partnership will not only see groups getting a free Wonderbag, but they will also be guided on how to make the most from their Wonderbag, with plans so that the Wonderbag can be used during their weekly Scout or Guide meetings. Each month a new recipe will be shared so that new dishes can be tried and tested with the aim for groups to bring their Wonderbag to the Jamboree.

Groups are finally being encouraged to enter the Wonderbag Cooking competition and win some amazing prizes by sharing their own Wonderbag creations online via the Essex Jamboree and Wonderbag social media channels using the #Wonderchefs. We’d also love to see as many groups using their Wonderbag at the Jamboree itself in 2016.

James Jackson, Corporate Partnerships Manager at Essex International Jamboree 2016 spoke about the deal, “This is a fantastic partnership for all the Scouts, Guides and leaders participating in the Jamboree. Not only will they be able to get a Wonderbag for free they will be able to develop their cooking skills together in a safe environment. Thanks to Jac and the Wonderbag team for all their help and support and we cannot wait to see some of the delicious food that is going to get cooked up in the Wonderbags over the coming months.”

Jac Squire, Managing Director UK at Wonderbag, commented “ We are delighted to partner with the 2016 Jamboree, with an exciting new way for Scouts, Guides and Leaders to get cooking creatively. By making it easy to learn to cook, our grand ambition is to build the confidence and knowledge for a long term habit of eating fresh food and cooking. At Wonderbag we are also excited about teaching everyone about the impacts of cooking in the developing world, and the opportunity to do our part to improve the lives of those who face the impacts of global warming.   Our Cooking Guide we are sharing during the year leading up to the Jamboree in 2016, has been developed with the help of Scout and Guides leaders to tie it into the badges and modern relevant skills learnt at meetings. Lets get cooking and see what we can accomplish before Jamboree 2016!”

For more information about Wonderbag please visit

Should you be interested in partnering with the Essex International Jamboree 2016 yourself please contact James Jackson on

*please note that groups who order a Wonderbag for free will have to pay £10.50 postage and packaging.

Staff booking is now open!

Friday, September 4th, 2015

With just 329 days to go until the Jamboree we are pleased to announce the opening of staff bookings


What do you get for being a member of our Jamboree Staff and volunteering to help make our event the best for our young people?


Well firstly you get more than a week of life changing and unforgettable experiences, paired with the opportunity to make friends for life from around the UK and also from around the World!


You’ll have the opportunity to play hard as well as work hard, we are developing a dedicated adult programme which will be packed full of activities, entertainments and opportunities to relax and get pampered in the staff hub when you’re not working.


You’ll gain valuable experience and training, not only does volunteering look great on your CV but experience gained at the Jamboree could lead to loads of opportunities outside the event, in addition, some roles will be offered training and we will also be offering Scouting, Guiding and other training throughout the event.


Your staff pack will include a scarf, event badge, staff handbook and lots more!


Finally, for those who are going as catered staff (and why wouldn’t you as it was rated one of the best features of being on the staff team last time!) you can expect fantastic food as we welcome the return of the amazing Hot Stuff catering team. Three meals a day including; Hot and cold breakfast, seven piece packed lunch and a variety of dinner choices all located in a dedicated staff restaurant and garden.

For more information on staff click here

To register as staff for the Jamboree visit

NEW interactive Ethical Statement now live!

Friday, July 31st, 2015

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our NEW Ethical Statement for Essex International Jamboree 2016! Plus, this time we have made it interactive, so that everyone attending EIJ2016 can get involved!

“We’ve always had a paper based ethical statement” said Karen, Deputy Chief of Essex International Jamboree 2016. “We decided to make 2016’s ethical statement interactive and evolving, a statement that is added to and developed by participants, leaders and staff of the Jamboree”.

All of us at EIJ2016 are committed to minimizing the impact of our event on our environment, both locally and on a more global scale. We will continue to ensure that our work both pre-Jamboree and during the Jamboree will meet the high standards that we have set in our Ethical Statement.

To view our Ethical Statement and to get involved, please click here.

We’re recruiting Show Team Members!

Sunday, July 19th, 2015


Are you aged between 16 -25 and love performing? We caught up with Deputy Head of Performance Ashley Bye to help answer all your questions about the EIJ2016 Show Team Member role!

What sort of person would make a great Show Team Member?
Ashley: Someone who’s enthusiastic and has a love of performing. We’d love it if they have experience too!

That sounds like me! I’m thinking about applying to be part of the dance team… what sort of activities would I be doing?

Ashley: You’d be dancing in the opening ceremony and celebration day as well as dancing in the mini ceremonies for the experience day.  You may also be asked to help out in the performance zone.

Would I be involved with any of the prep work prior to the Jamboree?
Ashley: We’d need you to be available for weekend rehearsals in the lead up to the Jamboree, as well as being available for the audition.

What has been your favourite dance number from previous Jamborees and why?
Ashley: My favourite dance number was at EIJ 2004 when the ‘ugh’ dancers came out in to the crowd with their wiggle!

Do you have any advice on how to fill out a good application?
Ashley: Sell yourself! We want to know what experience you have and why you’re a good dancer. Where do your strengths lie, Ballet? Street? Tap?

What are you most looking forward to about working with the dance team at EIJ2016?
I’m excited to work with the dance team to create an amazing performance that participants and staff will enjoy and of course having fun and laughing!


For more information about this role, click here. To apply to be a part of the EIJ show team please complete the EIJ Application Form and return it to

Can you help Peggy?

Thursday, June 25th, 2015


Introducing Peggy, the inaugural peg of Essex International Jamboree 2016!

Please help her on her journey, care for her, take photos of her, pass her on but please make sure she is back in Essex by 1st July 2016 so she can be the first peg struck into the ground at the Jamboree site.

Share her journey on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @EIJ2016. We start her journey with Peggy in Essex being looked after by the Chelmsford Gang Show team! How far can she travel before the Jamboree?

National Volunteers Week Part 3

Saturday, June 6th, 2015

tumblr_inline_n9gzn1tMUb1rji2wfchris vickers





In our last volunteer highlight installment during National Volunteers Week 2015 we have caught up with the EIJ Assistant Vehicle Manager Chris Vickers to find out why he loves volunteering and has volunteered for EIJ.

“Working on large-scale events and festival/concerts for a day job means a very hectic schedule.
I have been fortunate to work with my child hood hero’s all over the world and now the time has come to spend more time in the UK and trying new things in Scouting. After looking for something to sink my teeth into I saw EIJ were looking for volunteers, and so I filled out an application.
Not only did EIJ seem like a great challenge with new people providing something great for young people and adults it also seemed like a great opportunity to volunteer in an environment I spend my working life but with the scouting twist.
By putting EIJ in the diary has already meant I am accepting more work closer to home and in the UK which in turn means more time with my young family which they love, and so do I.”

What staff role would you like at the Jamboree?

National Volunteers Week 2015 Part 2

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

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Continuing with our volunteer highlight series during National Volunteers Week 2015 we have caught up with the EIJ Cinema Manager Hilary Bell to find out why she loves volunteering and has volunteered for EIJ.

“I really enjoyed volunteering at Essex International Jamboree 2012. I always loved attending Jamborees as a Guide and Explorer Scout and wanted to carry on as a Scout Networker. I get a huge sense of achievement out of being a volunteer.”

Why not follow Hilary and make EIJ your first Jamboree to volunteer at?

National Volunteers Week 2015

Monday, June 1st, 2015

Volunteers Week 2015




Paul and Karen

It’s National Volunteer Week and with so many volunteering opportunities available across the Jamboree we’ve invited some of our amazing volunteers to tell you why they are volunteering at EIJ2016. We’re starting with your joint Jamboree Chief Paul Walker!

“Having been a Cub, Scout, and Venture Scout it was almost inevitable that I would volunteer as an adult! I’ve been involved locally as well as nationally and internationally now for over 20 years.

One of my highlights was playing an instrumental role in the organisation of the 21st World Scout Jamboree in 2007, bringing together 45,000 Scouts and Guides from over 200 countries, for a camping extravaganza at Hylands Park, Chelmsford.

As Joint Chief of Essex International Scout and Guide Jamboree I am one part of a dedicated team which will swell to more than 1500 adult volunteers delivering a week of adventurous activities for 10,000 young people in 2016.

More locally I have worked with Danbury Scouts co-ordinating the adult volunteers, resources and equipment, attending camps and joining in where I can. I am sure my experiences as a scout have influenced me professionally and it’s been a real privilege to work alongside such dedicated, talented and enthusiastic adults.

Most of all though I enjoy working with the young people, sharing our values and having fun.

It never ceases to amaze me how much can and is achieved by our volunteers.”



UK Leaflets Have Arrived!

Monday, May 18th, 2015

leaflet picIt’s so exciting that we have received delivery of our UK leaflets! You will start to see these at Guiding & Scouting locations around the UK as well as with us at many of the events that we will having a presence at over the coming months.

If you would like to download the leaflets so you can send them around or print them off, they are available here.

Do you have an idea of a campsite, location or event that we could send marketing material to or attend to promote EIJ2016? Please pop us an email to

Jamboree Corporate Partnership Programme

Thursday, April 9th, 2015

Essex International Jamboree is proud to officially launch its Corporate Partnerships programme in preparation for 2016.

The Jamboree, which is attended by over 10,000 young people and adult volunteers, is looking for corporate partners to come on board and make the Jamboree experience even better for everyone involved.

With a wide range of opportunities for businesses and charities to get involved from running activities to selling the latest scout badges, to placing an advert on the Jamboree radio JAM FM to putting up advertisement banners around the camp. There is something for every business out there to get involved in this unique event.

James Jackson, Corporate Partnerships Manager for the Jamboree spoke about the opportunities available “We’re really excited to be able to offer this fantastic opportunity for businesses and charities to get involved in the UK’s biggest Scout and Guide Jamboree. Hopefully we can create some fantastic partnerships in the next 12 months to make the Essex International Jamboree 2016 an unforgettable experience for everyone involved”.

Entering into a partnership with the Jamboree will entitle businesses and charities to guest invitations to attend the camp, placing organisation logos and website links on our Jamboree partnerships page and board plus advertising through the main media outlets around the Jamboree.

For more information please click here to download the Corporate Partnerships Brochure.

Should you be interested in partnering with the Essex International Jamboree 2016 please contact James Jackson on

New Baguette Archery

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015


Join 1,000’s of Scouts and Guides from all over the world at Essex International Jamboree 2016 and be amongst the first to discover a brand new sport, Baguette Archery. Improve your focus, patience and self-confidence during this physically demanding activity as you shoot French bread towards a target.

Gia Batta, a young person from 3rd Sandwich Scouts, who was part of the focus group said, “We tried baguette archery yeasterday and it was amazing! It was quite challenging but we decided to rise to the challenge and soon picked it up. I can’t wait to try it again at Essex International Jamboree! Make sure you doughn’t miss it!”

What’s more, there it’s lots of proof that Archery offers various health benefits as well as the enjoyment factor. Christopher Frankland, who helped to develop the fantastic Baguette Archery added, “Archery has been well documented for its many health benefits, as it works your upper body strength, balance and co-ordination. Mixing it with one of the UK’s favourite foods is a real bread-winner.”

Baguette Archery is just one of many of the fantastic activities Essex International Jamboree 2016 will be offering. Other sports include Clay Bacon Shooting, Stick of Rock Climbing and Grape Stacking which are predicted to be a huge success with the young people. Plus, with many other activities available
Essex International Jamboree 2016 is set to be an amazing 8 days of fun, discovery and adventure.

Find out more on our Facebook, Twitter and keep an eye on #baguettearchery

For more information about Baguette Archery and the other sports mentioned,
please visit

Jamboree Fees Announced

Sunday, February 1st, 2015

A question we have been receiving quite a lot recently is how much will it cost for me to come to the Jamboree in 2016? Well the wait is now over and we can now reveal exactly how much it will cost for participants, leaders and staff to attend the UKs largest International Jamboree in 2016.


Joint Jamboree Chiefs Paul and Karen “We are really excited to be able to announce the fees for EIJ2016. The Jamboree Executive Committee is busy planning to make this the most exciting Jamboree yet and we hope that participant groups and leaders from across the world will now be able to start planning to join us in Summer 2016”


Registration for groups will open on 7th September 2015 with more information being released over the Summer.



The costs outlined below for participants and leaders exclude travel to the Jamboree and food.

Participants – £170

Leaders – £80

We have a single price for leaders, which includes an exclusive adult programme and the extremely popular leader’s activity night. Leaders cannot take part in the participant activities.

A non-refundable deposit of £50 will be required per person to confirm your booking within 14 days of your booking being accepted.



Every Jamboree needs an army of willing, enthusiastic volunteers to carry out a variety of jobs to ensure the 8000 young people have the most amazing week and EIJ is no different. We are looking for over 1000 volunteers to help run the Jamboree whilst also having their own adventure.


We are also pleased to announce Hot Stuff Catering have again been appointed as the staff caterer for the Jamboree. The majority of the staff who attended in 2012 will remember how good the food was and this was a big factor when reappointing Hot Stuff to run our staff catering. We have 2 payment options available to staff either being fully catered or coming to the Jamboree and catering for yourself.


£100 fully catered

£80 if you wish to cater for yourself


General staff registration will open in August 2015.


For more information about the Jamboree please visit or email

Team Leader Roles

Sunday, January 25th, 2015

The UKs largest International Jamboree is now only 18 months away, and after a successful recruitment period in 2014, we are pleased to announce the opening of more fantastic Jamboree leadership roles.


Throughout the summer of 2014 we recruited the majority of our Heads of Departments and are now looking to fill some exciting Team Leader roles to bring the Jamboree to life. Many of our directorates are looking for Team Leaders and we have plenty of varied roles that are now being recruited.


Volunteering for Essex International Jamboree in one of our Team Leader roles not only gives you an experience of volunteer management but also the chance to be part of the early Jamboree planning. You will help really bring ideas to life which will make over 8,000 young people have the most amazing International experience. You might have skills in plumbing, working in the crèche, bartending, customer service or even milkshake making. We’ll have the perfect role for you.


Joint Jamboree Chief Karen Packer said that “Being able to volunteer at the Jamboree gives me the chance to have fun and make friendships, whilst providing experiences and opportunities which I would otherwise not have been able to enjoy.”


To find out our current opportunities check out /recruitment


The Jamboree has many different opportunities available, and even if you don’t fancy being a team leader, we would still like to hear from you. General staff recruitment will open in August 2015.


To be the first to know when general staff recruitment will open, register your details at

Jamboree staff catering tender

Monday, October 6th, 2014

Every successful Jamboree relies on a well-fed and watered volunteer staff team and Essex International Jamboree is no different. We are now open to groups, businesses and teams who would be interested in tendering for the Jamboree staff-catering contract.

More information about the staff catering tender can be found in the document here(insert attachment)

If you think you’re up for the challenge of feeding around 1500 hungry adults whilst having the adventure of a lifetime in a field in Essex please contact Carole Davies, Director of HR at

For more information and to download the tender EIJ 2016 Catering Tender

Closing date for applications is 17th October

Jamboree celebrates major milestone

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Today marks exactly 2 years until over 8000 Scouts and Guides from around the world descend on Chelmsford for the start of Essex International Jamboree. On 30th July 2016 the site at Boyton Cross will once again become the size of a mini village with it’s own post office, supermarket, hospital and enough activities to keep the Scouts and Guides entertained from breakfast until bed.

Join Camp Chief Karen Packer said With plans already well underway for EIJ 2016 I would like to thank all those who are already volunteering their time and look forward to welcoming those who will join us over the coming months. If you have enjoyed yourself previously at our event then 2016 won’t disappoint. If you are joining the event for the first time expect fun, friendship and the experience of a lifetime. Whether you are a leader, participant or staff member Essex 2016 is going to be the event not to miss. 

The Jamboree executive is also pleased to announce the next stage of recruitment has also opened for some departments. Both the Communications and Facilities Directorates are now welcoming applications for Team Leader with there teams, with more roles to follow in the coming days and week.

For more information on recruitment please visit

Volunteer Profile: Paul Walker and Becky Tompkinson

Saturday, June 7th, 2014

1-7 June is National Volunteers Week and the Jamboree offers so many different volunteering opportunities

Lead volunteers for one Evening of the largest Scout and Guide camps in the Country With Karen Packer and Paul Walker pass their thanks cheap nba jerseys to all those individuals who are using their skills and giving up their time to organise the Essex Jamboree, cheap mlb jerseys which will wholesale jerseys be held in 2016.

With two years still to go before the event there is already over 100 volunteers planning and organising the camping event which will provide 7 fun packed days for Scouts and Guides.

 Paul Walker – Joint Jamboree Camp Chief 

 Paul says, ‘Scouting and Guiding offers young people an amazing opportunity to enjoy new and challenging experiences.’ The Essex Jamboree is one of the biggest wholesale nfl jerseys camps in IBIZA the UK

Becky Tompkinson – Deputy Director HR

“I really enjoy helping to organise Baofeng events like Essex Jamboree because they offer young people Packer the chance to do some amazing things and to achieve things they never thought they Honored could do. At Jamboree the same time I have made so many new friends, Volunteer learnt a lot and had the opportunity to do some exciting things myself.”

Volunteer Profile: Kate French

Thursday, June 5th, 2014

1-7 June is National Volunteers Week Packer and with so many | different volunteering opportunities across the Jamboree we have invited some of our volunteers to tell you greve, about why they are volunteering for Essex International Jamboree.

Kate French – Staff Subcamp Leader

Scouting and Guiding has been the biggest influence in my life over the last 19 years and has given me the skills and beliefs that have made me the person I am today. I started cheap nba jerseys as a young leader wholesale mlb jerseys at my local brownie wholesale nba jerseys group when I was 14 and have never looked back. Meeting I love to volunteer for both movements as I love the feeling that I am helping to give young people the opportunities that I have had to make them strong, independent and give them the skills to develop Scouting and Guiding for the next generation.

Volunteering for EIJ 2016 is like being part of a large community, it gives me a great sense of achievement to be part of an amazing team that creates another adventure filled week of memories, experience and friends IHOPKC ships that young people and volunteers will never forget.

The best thing about volunteering for Scouting or Guiding is you can give as much or as little time as you can, helping at weekly Brownie meetings is just as fulfilling as the numerous weeks wholesale nba jerseys I have spent on Jamboree Campsites!

Volunteer Profile: Karen Packer

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

1-7 June is National Volunteers Week and with so many different volunteering opportunities across the Jamboree we have invited some of our volunteers to tell you about why they are volunteering for Essex International Jamboree. 

Karen Packer – Joint Jamboree Chief

“I have been a volunteer with Girlguiding and The Scout Association for 20 years.

Being a volunteer with both associations gives me the chance to have fun and friendships whilst providing experiences and opportunities, which I would otherwise not have been able to enjoy.

I have been to Luxembourg and Sweden to Jamborees with hundreds of other people. I have performed on stage at The 02 Arena as part of Live 07, I have been scuba diving and paragliding as well as many, many camps and expeditions.

I was successful in the interview for my first job because of the experiences and skills I was able to describe through my volunteering. More recently as Show Manager for Southend Gang Show and as joint Jamboree Chief for Essex International Jamboree 2016 I am privileged to work with teams of very talented and enthusiastic people from all walks of life to give many young people their own experiences to remember.

For me it is like being part of an extended family of like-minded people with a common purpose.”

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All Jamboree Meeting – March 9th 2014

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

Sunday 9th March saw the Jamboree directors and urna Heads of Departments (HODs) gather at Skreens Park, Chelmsford for an interesting morning finding out all about some of the exciting plans for the Jamboree.


After cheap jerseys a welcoming speech from the 2 Jamboree Chiefs Karen and Paul all the Jamboree departments cheap mlb jerseys took it in turns to announce Publish some of their plans, team structures and also introduce members of their team to everyone.  Some things we know wholesale jerseys China already are yes we have a Jamboree in 2016 and yes we are going back to Boyton Cross but all the other amazing secrets you will Set all find out over the next 2 years.


Even the Peggy the Jamboree Peg got in to the meeting and had it’s photo taken with the TCO group. The TCOs are the young people who the Jamboree executive is consulting ideas with on the Jamboree. More about the TCOs will be announced at a later date.

Can you yünü add colour to our Jamboree, we are currently recruiting for Heads of Departments and other similar roles, cheap jerseys head to for more information.


Want to keep up to date with the Jamboree, remember to check out the website , like our facebook page and follow us on twitter